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Food security, a new criterion for choosing a restaurant


Customers may decide to choose a restaurant under a new criterion, food security, ya que gracias a la tecnología podrán conocer la calificación y el resultado de las inspecciones con un solo clic a través de sus teléfonos móviles.

Definitely, a very important factor in the transparency of information by the restaurant industry which is a key element to ensure a high level of food safety in the sector step.

Me gustaría compartir contigo dos iniciativas que en este sentido ya se han puesto en marcha en Estados Unidos y que reflejan el valor que aporta esta información a los clientes.

The first case is in the Northern Kentucky where smartphone users can access information on food inspections they have been conducted at restaurants through your mobile.

More of 1.200 restaurants inspected by the Department of Health, at least twice a year, whose scores and reports are accessible to anyone who wants them.

Users can search the restaurant on your smartphone by name and see the score obtained in inspection, It is the maximum 100 points, and if there is any deficiency, pueden saber de qué se trata.

Here you can see how it would process:

food safety in restaurants

food safety in restaurants

The second case is that of the city of New York, and is that for some years the Health Department published in different digital supports all inspections carried out in more than 24.000 City restaurants.

They are surprise inspections are performed and at least once a year, where compliance is verified in handling and food temperature, la higiene del personal y el control de plagas.

Cada infracción que el inspector detecta suma una cierta cantidad de puntos, at the end, based on the score, It is assigned a score in three categories, A [0, 13] it would be the best score, B [14,27] and C (+28).

Here you have the document to determine the score:

Qualification in food safety inspections in restaurants

Los clientes pueden acceder a esta información de diferentes formas:

1.- Through app ABCEats:

app food safety in restaurants

App guarantee food in restaurants

2.- Through a interactive map:

Map food restaurants inspections

3.- Incluso incorporando este widget en tu página web:

Undoubtedly food security in the restaurant industry should be a priority and that technology can impact a very important way to raise awareness of this industry, ya que permite el acceso de una forma pública y sencilla a los clientes, and this will become a key element in the assessment of the online reputation of restaurants with a special impact on the guarantees that different countries or cities must offer their tourists.

To end, I share the following article which shows that you are measures work:

Why New York restaurants are cleaner than ever

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