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Sustainability in my neighborhood bar


One of the issues highlighted at the congress EXPOHIP 2019 It was the SUSTAINABILITY. We were able to enjoy dozens of conferences and round tables where energy sustainability, ecological and human were the center of attention, in all cases the question that was expected to answer How can affect the hospitality business needs processes and sustainable products?. also we speak, although less, about what you can do hospitality to help keep the planet more sustainably.

In this edition of HIP I had the honor of being host Horeca Concepts, scenario where we talk about human resources management in our current environment, We talk about delivery, scan (from the perspective of industry report, published by Beatriz Romanos and Basque Culinary), digitization of operations and sustainability. We address all the issues from the perspective of small and medium restorer, from the perspective of actual landing of the concepts to everyday businesses and consumers.

In recent weeks that have passed since the closing of this edition of HIP I have thought a lot about everything I learned and sustainability, especially, I saw what was going to be tangible in the everyday: It Will SUSTAINABLE the bar in my neighborhood? The answer is no. At least not much. At least not relevantly.

Certainly not in the short term and even less without legal obligations involving him. Sustainability happens as with all advances or social needs: The analysis, reflections, decisions and scientific findings are far ahead of social reality.

Today all we are interested in technology and social disruption and digital know that autonomous trucks exist and function -more safely than humans-led by. We also know that very soon we will see a circular. What will happen the day a truck 12 tons autonomously circulate on a highway more than 100km / h?

Most likely the panic of those who are around will be great I'm sure I will not be oblivious to that regretfully. It is almost certain to be circulated for months with some human assistance…and not because they need it, which they do not need- if not us safe until we get used.

Let another example how long we need to socially accept climate change and its impact?Really in the XXI century there are those who argue that the Earth is spherical? In both cases, governments have maximum relevance, as the USA, who they are skeptical to a reality with overwhelming evidence and, on the other hand, are fashionable associations claim that the earth is flat with delusional arguments.

Sustainability is not in the center of the discourse of everyday life, or managers of restaurants or other hoteliers and tourism businesses. It is a concept that starts ringing and generating a social movement that seeps in speech, but not in fact sufficiently.

The bar in my neighborhood will not be sustainable in the short term because it has no sustainable consciousness and kept waiting. In My Neighborhood Bar already they know what sustainability is and will be important in a short time (and they know thanks to HIP Forums where it is pedagogy), but they kept waiting before applying sustainable criteria…waiting for that will be profitable or at least not burdensome, they do not increase the time commitment and effort to make.

Large corporations like Meliá They have announced their sustainable commitment for example by reducing plastic, eliminating all packaging and plastic straws in a short time. It is not only commendable and sincere, but it is worth major brand reputation. In the bar in my neighborhood they are not going to buy compostable straws if they are more expensive than ever, or if they have to make an effort to find them. Even fewer will stop having straws and having to argue their commitment to eliminating plastic to avoid ending up in the sea to its customers.

Nor will they put a machine water km.0 to reduce the carbon footprint of transport and use of plastic bottles, especially if your customers still do not understand and beer distributors or large force you to buy your bottled water to reach other agreements. In the bar in my neighborhood they are not very aware of what is the ecological footprint of many foods and the impact of certain energy consumption.

It is admirable as movements SlowFood Y KM0 They have become a powerful advertising tool territorial compromise and the quality of local raw materials, seasonal and well treated, but the network and management efforts involving, Nor they have reached the bar in my neighborhood.

The bar in my neighborhood represents thousands of hospitality establishments throughout the Iberian Peninsula and many neighboring countries. business, in many cases, They struggle to survive on a daily basis, sometimes with few resources training their managers.

That bar in my neighborhood, which represents the bulk of the hospitality industry in our country, It is not the work of CSR, that corporate social responsibility with their environment, with the local association that promotes the development of the neighborhood and its people or all actions for the preservation of human or natural heritage as we move forward as a society.

Even less has been developed consciousness of that responsibility also have on human sustainability of our teams, creating a culture of sustainable restaurant also among our co-workers (although we are the leaders), as the much-cited family reconciliation.

The great challenges of daily sustainability are, the first of them, a real awareness and decision-making that goes beyond what has been read in a blog or seen at a conference. From there, sustainable energy consumption and reducing pollutants uses, including good management of cooking oils or fossil fuels.

As well reducing the carbon footprint of transport unnecessary or Abuse of products improperly exploit natural resources; certainly we add reducing plastics that are polluting oceans to such an extent as to all fish contain in their body microplastic. Let's add a gram support to the territory in buying local and sustainable raw material and our human consciousness into sustainable practices in the social environment of our team and our neighborhood

The bar in my neighborhood is not yet in the wave of practical sustainability, but the social and administrative pressure will cause, little by little, It is a sustainable bar.

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I was practically born behind the bar of a bar and I was behind her for many years (and even traffic as I can). lifelong learning from and to the office. Now I am dedicated to help hoteliers improve their profits by improving the management of its #restaurantes and innovating concepts. I specialize in restaurant chains that need to professionalize and look to the future


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