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Technology try to invade the classroom processes restaurants


Nos enfrentamos a un entorno tecnológico que crece a un ritmo imparable, es imposible hacer un seguimiento de todos los avances que cada día proponen las nuevas tecnologías.  Sin duda, estamos ante la gran revolución disruptiva, que va a modificar los procesos, las formas y los resultados de todo lo establecido.

We face a technological environment that is growing at an unstoppable pace, it is impossible to monitor all developments that every day propose new technologies.

Definitely, we face the great disruptive revolution, it will modify processes, forms and results of all the provisions.

But the man causes technological advancement is insatiable, always looking for the next step in any process, generating higher profits, value or better results.

If we reflect on all that has resulted in only 10 years in the restaurant industry, we will see how much that has changed the way customers relate and restaurants and face this new experience techno-face.

He has already achieved the first major challenge, digitizing communication phase. Customers and restaurants and interact and communicate in a normal way in digital environments, something unthinkable just a few years ago.

This causes the restaurants only to co-participate in such environments and customers are the stars, making their decisions based on digital content disguised rankings, reviews, reviews, criticism or recommendations on the social web.

But the next big challenge for the restaurant industry is facing has made only start, and is the technological invasion of the face of production and service processes.

In the coming years the technology is going to exponentially increase their proposals face replacement by digital or technological processes in two key levels:

technological processing and disposal; combining technology with different raw materials to achieve the proposed final results and also can be accessed in private spaces outside the restaurant itself.

Replacement service processes; through technological innovations that replace or increase the productivity of human resources classroom.

But it has big obstacles that have to manage, as the decrease in the need for labor against technological, quality and perceived value of digital product versus traditional product.

The great challenge that the sector faces restaurants in the future is to be able to effectively manage the balance between online and offline, the face and digital, with the main objective to get the best overall experience for your customers.

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