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Mobile technology is vital to improve the customer experience in restaurants: Study


The hotel and catering department Oracle, Oracle Hospitality, this year has released a new report on the use of mobile technologies in the sector.

titled Report Reference for hotels and restaurants 2019, the brief company report highlights some interesting data for the restaurateur interested in implementing technology in the workplace.

The study was conducted 199 professionals in segment management hospitality, It is including personnel dedicated to the restoration work in hotels, pensions and similar. The questions were categorized according to the level of expertise shown by workers.

Thus, the study concluded that participants could be classified into four groups, representative for all hospitality professionals:

  • Overdue mobile adoption. It's about a 13% of respondents who know they have problems in using technologies moving to get their business, but also they show inability to change its position in the short term.
  • Connoisseurs of mobile advantages. A 69% of respondents to the questions were awarded in this category. Here are those who know how to get the most potential technology and are also constantly looking for new ways to use mobile devices in their workspaces.
  • optimists. Only a 2% participants listed in this category. Are those who despite not having the necessary capabilities to capitalize on the technology currently, Yes anticipate that they will do in the near future.
  • stagnant. A 16% of respondents in this group. Here we have highly trained professionals to use mobile technologies for the benefit of the hotel or restaurant for working, but they do not expect to make much progress in coming years.

Outside of these categorizations, Oracle Hospitality also reports on what aspects are evaluated to see if a particular property is using the most mobile technology to satisfy customers and improve the user experience of visitors. These main points are:

  • Have a wireless internet connection throughout the area (wifi o similar).
  • Count on apps own mobile to reinforce the company image and improve consumer user experience.
  • Apps mobile aimed at facilitating the tasks of the restaurant staff (management, provisioning, etc).

In any case, something that most participants share is true fear that a rival with more knowledge of mobile technologies could break into this market segment unexpectedly causing instability in your business. 50% of respondents think so, although a 11% percent feel more confident that this scenario is a very real possibility.

Four other aspects that most respondents agreed were:

  • He 91% believes that the use of mobile technology is vital to improve the user experience and motivate Visitor Loyalty. It's more, he 54% You agree with this premise forcefully.
  • He 90% participants indicate that the user experience can be improved by simple applications such as those for stocks.
  • He 91% believes that apps Mobile phones are the preferred way to request services staff.
  • He 66% You are also agree that can substantially reduce the operating costs of the establishment through the use of mobile technology.

The study published by Oracle Hospitality It closed indicating which expect these growth capacity 199 Professional hereinafter. some possibilities for business improvement is This highlights dedicated to the sector, for example:

  • Allow greater control by the guest mobile applications installed in the terminal.
  • Racing websites and reservation applications online third through a app own mobile to manage the availability of tables in the dining room.
  • Improve strategies in place to encourage visitors to take their own home applications.
  • More efficiently manage the demanding work environment and the typical tendency to anxiety among industrial workers.

With all this in mind, the final recommendations of the report indicate that distill necessary continue investing in mobile technology If the business wants to stay competitive. Improving the user experience and provide more control to consumers via mobile technology is a competitive advantage that many establishments are obviating, and this is detrimental to their own interests.

By last, a note is made to the urgent need to improve communication channels established between business professionals and users of the same. And again, the apps phones can be the ideal platform to solve this problem, which in one way or another it will eventually result in an undesirable loss of business volume.

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