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The latest innovation that has come to restaurants: Dishes served on an iPad


He Quince Restaurant, an upscale restaurant located in the city of San Francisco in the United States, He has surprised everyone with his latest creation: a dish served on a iPad and it costs nothing less than 220 Dollars. Another example of how restaurants are trying to reach consumers through the incorporation of new technology-related.

The dish in question is called "A dog for gold", and it is white truffle croquettes, presented on the screen of an iPad, showing images of dogs truffles searchers water and soil of the field.

"What less! that by 220 dollars it costs the plate, will offer at least some history and information material about the process of collecting truffles ". This has been the tone Many comments raised these days on social networks, talking about this cam plate.

An imaginative dish and "very San Francisco"

Imaginative, innovative, nauseating, etc ... Since the local chef Richie Nakano retuiteara few days ago a picture of the dish, The reactions were not long in coming. The owner of Quince Restaurant and creator of this work of art or advertising (according to taste), Michael Tusk He said that what he wanted was "just trying new things, which may be a light-hearted and humorous start menu ".

Y What about hygiene of these dishes? This has been, from the beginning one of the most talked about issues regarding the food served on iPads. Thus, Tusk has been concerned to clarify that: "The iPad slips in and out of the boxes designed to withstand food. They have a special cover that can be cleaned thoroughly before and after each service. The food is not directly on the screen iPad ", he sentenced.

The chef and owner has lived for more than 20 years in San Francisco, one of the most advanced cities in the world digitally, and so He wanted "combine food technology and the education". Regardless of this adventure, Quince Restaurant has three Michelin stars, last achieved in early 2016.

This restaurant has not been the first to use iPads as plates

A year ago, the British newspaper Daily Mail already reported that some British chefs were testing the new limits of creativity in relation to table service, using stones, dustbins lids and iPads wide without any cash or barrier between your meal and technology. As well There is an article in TechCrunch year 2010 about a Japanese Apple fan using the device to eat sushi.

Imaginative, innovative, nauseating, etc ... Since the local chef Richie Nakano retuiteara few days ago a picture of the dish, The reactions were not long in coming.Inside Scoop SF

In any case, these white truffle croquettes on a video hunting them dogs, and it costs 220 dollars is just a first sample something every time we see more frequently in restaurants. Also hope to brush up both the concept of the dish and the price, so many more people will have a chance to taste one of the latest innovations who have come to restaurants.

Ended up with a video illustrating this curious news.

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