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The latest addition to Google is to manage waiting lists in restaurants


Some successful restaurants have such demand that is very difficult for the average consumer to achieve reserve a table. In some Latin American countries it is customary to be included in a waiting list in restaurants, perhaps in Europe it is more common to relaunch a reservation booking.

Following the usual procedure it is seen in the physical properties, now Google It allowed to enter a kind of tail that will give us the opportunity to book when there is a free space.

The novelty comes from the hand of DineTime, one of the integrated package utilities software Reserve with Google. A) Yes, restaurants who want to use this technology must have an account DineTime.

This will allow them to keep the number of diners next to the maximum capacity of the establishment, and provide better service to users who are frustrated by not being able to eat at his favorite location.

Inclusion of the option "JOIN waitlist" or enter the waiting list It has been discovered by a Canadian analyst SEO, Sergey Alakov. Given the characteristics of the function, no official announcement yet, little has transpired on the real capabilities of the tool, dominated by guesswork.

However, yes it is known that DineTime also has an integration module Alexa, so it is not unreasonable to think that the new utility will also feature voice recognition and speech.

Reserve with Google is a very recent bet subsidiary Alphabet, It is therefore still It is not available outside of North America, where you can use EE. THE. and Canada. However, the program has put the spotlight on the global market so It is only a matter of time reservations and payments through Google available in Spain and other countries hispanosfera.

The reservation platforms online as for restaurants OpenTable O Reserve They remain wary eye on news from the giants of information Google Y Facebook, as these companies are consolidating its activities as financial intermediaries in the commercial world. Restaurants sector represent a multibillion euro per year, so they are vital for implementation strategies of these companies.

In fact, some social networks like Instagram (now owned by Mark Zuckerberg) They are also trying to penetrate the market, clear example of this is the possibility of book directly through Instagram profile some businesses, including restaurants, They are tested as part of a select group beta testers.

Moment progress is timid but effective. Reserve users with Google may click on the "JOIN waitlist" button located just above the description of the establishment not have to be consulting every now and if there is a free table. A step forward towards user comfort.

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