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The latest sustainable revolution restaurants: edible arrive they covered


Currently, everything related to the use of waste seems to have become fashionable, The more we are able to re-use, better. In the case of the big chain restaurants, Until recently a model much more harmful use imposed on the natural environment, in fact the care of the ecosystem was something that hardly anyone had in mind.

Luckily we have gradually improved social consciousness, economic and ecological, why many companies and businesses, including also include the restaurants, They have begun taking steps towards sustainability. A good example of this is the grocery covered.

sustainable food and cutlery

An Indian company, leading from 2011 making utensils and cutlery edible, launched recently and successfully campaign 'crowdfunding' to expand its product range and to satisfy the high demand for orders that have at present, surpassing the half million deliveries worldwide. And is that It seems to have found the key that combines ecological health and sustainability.

Bakey's Utensilios, so it called this innovative company It is revolutionizing the way people eat and millions how they have managed thousands of restaurants. Because new cutlery that launched the market, besides being edible, They are made with wheat, Rice sorghum, They allow these to be suitable for vegans.

Not only that, but they are 100% ecological, no preservatives, or trans fats, or milk. soon celiacs They will also be in luck, because although only contain 10 parts per million gluten, They continue to work to reduce it to a minimum and are completely free of this element.

further, the restaurant you choose to include these delicious utensils in the 'menu' can boast that they comply with the principles of fair trade and you can eat them without fear invite all groups, including Jews, as they are Kosher, that is to say, that they are pure and meet the requirements to be consumed by this community.

Narayana Peesapaty It is responsible for this initiative and seems to have thought of everything to the near end 120 trillion plastic cutlery that are deposited annually in landfills contaminated India, seriously damaging the local environment. Extrapolated, in Spain annually consume about 48 million disposable cutlery, mainly in fast food restaurants, and according to all studies, the vast majority are not reused.

Although In our country no grocery covered entrepreneurship known, If that There are several alternatives much more sensitive than current ecology using plastic. companies like Verterra, which manufactures tools with tree leaves, O SoloCup which offers restaurants plates and cups sugar cane, They offer businesses in the hospitality sector response to concerns about the care of the environment and ecology.

All economic benefits, social and environmental

Edible covered last up 3 years without needing to be preserved under special conditions, because they contain no preservatives, water or fat of any kind. Once you used the diner can either eat them or, if it is for example, in the midst of nature, you can leave them anywhere since have disappeared in less than 5 days, as They are biodegradable, or they end up in the stomach of an animal grateful.

As you can see, are all economic advantages, social and environmental. It seems that this new guest to the table is here to stay and banish gradually covered traditional and completely those who are plastic.

They are manufactured from a material called "sorghum"

The star ingredient for making edible covered is the sorghum. The energy required to produce a plastic utensil, They can be produced 100 edible spoons sorghum, considering the process of culture, the water required, etc. Undoubtedly it is a white blackbird feeding, that can make the future of the restaurants and the food industry in the coming years.

And is that, although this is the most respectful line with food intolerances, A wide range of flavors to choose from as sugar, ginger-cinnamon, ginger-garlic, celery, black pepper, comino, mint and ginger-carrot with beetroot.

If the food you serve at your restaurant is delicious, the best garnish for your dishes are covered edible, and at the same time you will providing a note of ecology, sustainability and corporate social responsibility to your brand. Because this is just the beginning.

Brazilian chain fast food, Bob’s, He launched with great sales success and acceptance by the public edible packaging for hamburgers. Their appearance, its texture and flavor were received willingly by consumers. In this case the wrapper is also made of natural ingredients such as oregano, laurel or clove oil. Its implementation could lead to a revolution in the food packaging industry. But that, we'll talk another day.

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