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LaKasa claimed authenticity of Galicia octopus Instagram


The independent restaurant Lakasa wants Gallego claim indigenous product and is getting through Instagram. It home like and, they are demonstrating their reactions users, the social network of visual excellence.

Galician octopus, especially, It is in the spotlight. Lakasa has delighted audiences with the image of a succulent dish This marine mollusk to illustrate the defense thereof, extol their qualities and explain why its prestige. And Instagram users liking them.

“The unknown Gallego octopus… Recently we learned that a year only a 3% Octopus we consume comes from Galicia, while they imported around 5 million tons from the Moroccan Bay”, argues the business, located in Madrid, in your account Instagram, in which leaves us the link to your blog, where deepens its claim.

Grilled octopus with sweet potato puree and ginger vinaigrette…

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The connection with the seafood is one of the strengths of this restaurant's kitchen, so it stands out with different videos and images on your account Instagram. He Sea Galicia and the Cantabrian coast are focus of the gastronomic and digital work de Lakasa.

Here are some examples for your viewing pleasure we leave.

Lampreas en Lakasa, a digital notes…

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Cockle Noia estuary porcini cream and garlic oil. All info. about this new dish, recipe included, on our web.

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Hedgehogs in Lakasa…

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In the restaurant Lakasa, in Madrid, prepare a seated on a kitchen rigorous search and selection Product. Along with the care and service and warmth of the environment, sesudamente form a proposal designed to enjoy the gastronomy.

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