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Plastic lamps as individual shield against the virus, the invention of a Paris restaurant


The French designer Christophe Gernigon has created screens Perspex, What is a brand of metraquilato, in the form of plastic shields for those hospitality businesses that want to open their restaurants and protect their customers with certain guarantees.

These plastic screens that are attached to the ceiling, are known as "Plex Eat", and resemble large transparent lampshades that are capsule-shaped allow diners to be covered individually, avoiding contact with the rest. These, through an opening in the back of this contraption, enter and leave without any contact with the diner opposite or next, fulfilling its main objective of stopping the spread of the virus.

They can currently be seen in Hand, a Paris restaurant, looking for an innovative and safe way to reopen, as coronavirus restrictions begin to relax in this city.

According to statements by its designer, what already over 200 orders between France, United States and Japan, "I wanted it to be the most glamorous and beautiful, I don't know if people will like it, but I want to believe that it is a different and fun way to protect the client ”

The designer came up with the idea after visiting a store in Bangkok, with three domes with chairs where people sat and listened to music individually and abstracting from the environment, and this idea merged her with the great face shields, that the toilets usually use, and that have proliferated since the start of the pandemic.

It seems that there is also a version for more romantic dinners, where these domes hides their occupants, isolating us from the rest of the restaurant.

Definitely, is another one of the many experiments and gadgets that we are seeing every week, that are being tested in restaurants around the world, with those eagerness that the sector has to attract customers with security measures that avoid contagion between them.

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