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The 10 Key leaders have defended the Consumer Goods at the 32nd Congress of AECOC


I spent two days of total immersion in the retail sector or FMCG thanks to the invitation you made me AECOC for its 32nd Congress, under the slogan "To be or not to be" brings together more than a thousand entrepreneurs, Presidents and CEOs of major companies in the industry and distribution of consumer goods in Valencia. Thanks to this, Congress AECOC means the largest annual summit of consumer goods.

the meeting, which this year reaches its 32nd edition, It is the best scenario for take the pulse of a sector provided by the 20% of national GDP and it generates more than 4.5 million jobs in Spain.

The leaders of this sector have together sought the keys to successfully respond to three major challenges facing companies in the current context of change: the competitiveness, sustainability and omnicanalidad.

I share with all readers the key factors in conferences and roundtables expressed by the various speakers:

1.- "Challenges of the Spanish economy"
F. Javier Campo (President of AECOC)

“The Spanish economy will grow more than 3% well above Italy and France, and also Spain is desendeudando. The big risk today is the situation in Catalonia, where tourism may be falling around 20%.”


2.- "The most stable is change"

Mercadona is the company that has heads, They are all our customers, They are our real bosses. I recognize that some years ago I did not believe in buying online, Today I correct publicly and say I do believe in buying online, the future is called Mercadona Online”


3.- "How technological change affects manufacturers and distributors?”
Fuencisla Clemares, Director General for Spain and Portugal of GOOGLE

“Mobile has forced us to redo the entire company, and now all we do is thinking about Mobile. The entire technology industry is working on virtual assistants, in artificial intelligence and machine learning in. This is the future”

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4.- "A model of success without borders"
Juan Manuel Morales, Director General of IFA Group

“The regional supply chains are an endangered species and should be a protected species, They are necessary for competitiveness and employment in the country. The proximity, fresh produce and the choice are the keys of our success.”


5.- “Good Food Should Taste Great”
David McInerney, Co-Fundador the FRESH DIRECT

“We want people to get very easily and in a short delivery time, fresh and high quality food at a reasonable price. Amazon buys Whole Foods validates the model online selling food.”


6.- "Sustainability: Do better is not enough. Together they do the right thing. "
Juan Martin Alonso, Multisales President of MARS

“We must be sustainable competitive, being sustainable and competitive. Online commerce is not a channel is a different way to reach customers.”


7.- “Connectography: Mapping the future of Global Civilization”
Parag Khanna, expert in global strategy

“The last big historical change is connectivity, Your destination today is no longer conditioned by where you were born, but how you are connected. a new identity appears, Global.”


8.- "Why do they call e-commerce when it should be commerce?”
Luke Jensen, Ocado CEO Solutions
Javier Cortés, Head of Finance de INSTACART

“The retail business is national, but we have a great opportunity and that technology can do international, the online food sales is profitable. We believe that between 2020 and the 2025 ecommerce exceed supply 20% From the market.”


9.- "AUCHAN RETAIL SPAIN: a commitment to sustainability "

“Sustainability is a lever with three axes, social, environmental and economic. Let no one doubt that sustainable development, alone we can go faster, but together we will go further.”


10.- “The Power of Simple”
Ken Segall, Creator of the iMac name and campaign manager of Apple "Think Different"

“Simplicity is not a process, It is a perception. Steve Jobs was the best understanding the changing needs of customers. User experience and recommendation are more valuable than any advertising campaign”


As I mentioned the principle, These have been two days of total immersion in the retail sector or FMCG, which leads me to believe that the HORECA sector is important things to learn from RETAIL, mainly on issues related to management and business organization, but also should learn some things RETAIL HORECA sector in relation to the concept of hospitality and customer service experience or.

What it does seem common in both, and paraphrasing Juan Roig is that "as stable today is change "…Thank you to the entire team of AECOC and congratulations for the extraordinary congress!

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