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The 10 better tools to manage social networks a restaurant


Social networks have become the new communication channel where most restaurants interact with their customers. Thanks to social media, we can attract new customers, interact and retain those we already have, Y promote the image of our brand in digital environments.

Nowadays, Restaurants seek to get the most shocking picture possible of each of their dishes, one that viral done and put on the map to our local, getting our brand start collecting followers who then can convert into customers satisfied and prescribers of our business.

Fortunately, there are several tools we can provide much the achievement of these objectives. You know you have to be on Facebook and Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, and also a presence on YouTube and Pinterest can be the icing on the cake, but How to manage social networking to make the best possible your presence in all?:

10 tools to optimize the management of social networks a restaurant

1.- Agorapulse

It is an ideal tool for restaurants with an active presence in social networks. It facilitates prioritization and response to user queries, allowing post (the program) multiple accounts at once, and generate reports. Its effectiveness is proven and some large restaurant chains already use.

Price: A free version is available, Paid subscriptions are between 49 € and 299 € per month, with annual discounts available.


2.- Buffer

is defined as “the best way to drive traffic, increase the participation of fans and save time on social networks”. It is a very useful tool for publishing in most social channels, also it allows you to upload and schedule videos through its platform, and easily edit and create photos. It is an excellent tool to automate and schedule the content we share, both used by many small restaurants and large chains.

Price: For an annual subscription, have the free and the $10, equipment and subscriptions, accounts with prices from $99 until $399.


3.- Canva

If you want to bring your photos to the ideal size of your web, or each social network, give these tweaks needed to get a viral photo of #foodporn, Canva is the tool you need. Choose your size and get the perfect picture for each social network. For those who are not professional photo editors, or they do not usually handle Photoshop can also touch up your photos and leave incredible. Definitely, It is a tool that It allows us to work with a designer although we have the know of these.

Price: Free for basic, $12.95 per month with an annual subscription.


4.- Hootsuite

It is most often used by most users and businesses tool to save time on their work in social networks. Allows almost anything, program publications, analyze and develop different campaigns, adapt to each social environment, Impact review statistics, etc.

Hootsuite is a key application for management of social networks a restaurant. Save time and effort by managing all your social profiles from a single application, where you can also schedule publications for the date you choose. Is perhaps the best tool to work together with others who contribute content in a coordinated manner in the same digital channels.

Price: With options from $19.99 for professional, $99.99 per month for the team and up $499 for larger companies.


5.- Iconosquare

Instagram has become a basic part of all digital marketing strategy for restaurants. Its ability to attract users and customers, made food-related content and restaurant, coupled with its immediacy and naturalness, They make it the social network that has grown in recent months. In this context, Iconosquare helps restaurant owners measure, understand and improve every aspect of your activity on Instagram, as well as the location of his followers. It is also quite affordable for small restaurants.

Price: Plus we fee by $ 81 and the Elite $261. Master also, from $441 and Enterprise by $990. In all cases the price is per annual subscription.


6.- fire Watch

To find out what happens in social networks, and to distinguish noise from what is really important, You need an application to help with the management of Big Data. Fire Watch es la monitoring and analysis platform leading social networks worldwide.

They are able to study millions of online conversations, Besides offering many tools for analysis. Their use, Restaurants get make smarter decisions, based on data collected.

Price: Prices are custom and depend on the type of customer, contact the company by sending an email to info@brandwatch.com.

fire Watch

7.- Keyhole

This tool is a great help for a correcto tracking Twitter and Instagram from double vision: on the one hand allows monitoring platform hashtags and keywords, giving the opportunity to be aware whenever a client publishes a photo of Instagram or send a tweet mentioning your restaurant. further, allows a Brand analysis Restaurant and compare it to another jurisdiction, to have a clearer vision of what your competitors are doing.

Price: because of its high price, It is more common in large companies. $149-$899/my, with a 20% discount for annual purchases and hiring plans with prices specific custom.


8.- Nuvi

Here are a visual treat if you're addicted to social media. Real-time monitoring and generating reports preofesionales, plus personalized alerts for the chosen hashtags. monitoring, analysis, reporting and publication from $ 500 / month.

Price: ask for budget


9.- Mention

In a focused monitoring tool. Connect all your social networks and restaurant receive notifications every time someone mentions your brand online. You can also track the activity of your competition or monitor #hashtags and keywords that are relevant to generate content in your business.

Price: since $29 a $99 a month, up personalized plans tailored to each company.


10.- Sprout

Application for managing our social marketing strategy will also help us identify influencers who may need our restaurant. With Sprout you can use the data to make better decisions and to quantify, address and achieve success easily plan your brand marketing in different social channels.

Price: accounts with the Premium plan $99 per user per month, the Corporate plan $149 and Enterprise by $249.


Applications to facilitate the management of digital marketing a restaurant

Restaurants avocados have been irreparably a disruptive process digitization and implementation of new production routines in their daily. Many of them have to do with the activity carried out in social networks, where we can really get to reach a huge audience, If we add the number of users of each network, where the numbers are mareantes: more of 2.000 million users.

For this reason, restaurateurs and restaurant workers have had to stage a major recycling, that puts them back in the same world in which society moves and especially its customers. This is, mainly, learn to manage in the digital world of social networks, bring the essence of your brand, your business to their various social profiles and represent just. All these applications are small teachers, assistants to handle in different social networks where your restaurant must already be present.

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