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The 20 Key leaders of the hospitality industry have shared in the 13th Congress AECOC Horeca


I have been fortunate to be invited to 13AECOC Horeca Congress °, under the title “Ready for Growth”, It was held at the Palacio de Congresos de Madrid and has gathered more than 500 entrepreneurs in the hospitality sector and restaurants in Spain.

It has been an exceptional congress, both its organization and its content, my sincerest congratulations to the entire team of AECOC.

A great opportunity to greet and converse with attendees and measuring the pulse of the hospitality sector in Spain, from different viewpoints, confirming a growing optimism and confidence in the sector, and the importance of innovation and technology will have in the coming years.

I would like to share with my readers a summary of the 20 key, in order of intervention, the main leaders have transmitted in different presentations, I hope you find them useful.

1.- Octavio Llamas
President of AECOC Horeca Committee and Chairman of Autogrill

“He 50% consumer does not go out anymore because the hotel does not offer a truly differential experience, It has to offer much more than they are at home”

2.- José María Rubio
President of the Spanish Federation of Hotels and Restaurants

“In the hospitality sector in Spain they have grown sales by internet demand and the increase in average ticket, we face a new customer, different, demanding and more informed thanks to technology”

3.- Tomás Pascual
AECOC Vice President and President of Pascual Quality

“Search on improving competitiveness in the hospitality sector will aim at customer satisfaction, job creation and development.”

4.- Juan Rosell
President of CEOE

“Spain will create more than half a million jobs in 2015”

5.- Ken Hughes
Leader in consumer behavior and CEO of Glacier Consulting

“People want to go back out and enjoy the little quirks that the hotel offers. The new restaurants client wants to connect to each other, looking shareable experiences”

6.- Solomon quirze
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Nostrum

“The challenge for the hospitality industry the next five years is in the big data, it will change the way you work making it more competitive, and the development of Internet of Things”

7.- Xavier My
Division vice president of Unilever Ice Cream Spain

Selling ice cream is selling enthusiasm and smiles. We want to help reactivate microeconomics via mobile mini ice cream parlors”

8.- Manuel Zamudio
Director General of Iberia KFC

“”To the kitchen” is the new KFC campaign, we will regain customer confidence through transparency”

9.- Jose Del Barrio
Founder and former director of the Red Refrigerator

“The home food market is growing faster than GDP in most economies, the online penetration is unstoppable and we face a Uberización sector”

10.- Amancio López
Exceltur President and Hotusa Group

“Tourism is the dream of humanity, travel to meet other cultures, not to escape hunger or war”

11.- Marius Robles
CEO and cofounder of Reimagine Food

“We live in the era of obsession, where technology and revolutionize the way startups feed”

12.- Javier Campo
President of AECOC

“Price management, the quality, Cleaning, customer service, but fundamentally innovation, It is what will guarantee the success of the hospitality companies in the coming years”

13.- Alberto Torrado
Chairman of Grupo Alsea

“From Spain I was surprised education and leadership restaurant managers, and the large consumption of pizzas and burgers. If the Spanish economy is doing well, growth in hospitality will be very large”

14.- Leopoldo Reaño
Principal H.I.G de European Capital Partners

“Cafes and bars in Spain are the natural substitute for psychologists”

15.- Carlos perez
partner Nazca

“The Horeca sector is recovering and we predict a sustained growth 5% annually over the next 5 years”

16.- Gorka García
Corpfin Capital Partner

“The key to the current market in Spain is to offer great value at an affordable price”

17.- Nielsen and index K
Study on why people go to bars

“In bars you have to differentiate LowCost, bad product at cheap prices, of PreciosBajos, good product at prices adjusted”

18.- Victor Rufart
Managing Director de Coca-Cola Iberian Partners

“The bar has to be more efficient, with better quality and lower cost. The goal is to generate new consumption and increase traffic in bars”

19.- Javier Pijoán
Senior Sales Director Europe de Heineken International

“The only way to fight the price is innovation, the fighting by price, dies by price”

20.- Kike Sarasola
President of Room Mate Hotels

“For my personal mato, and killed the staff mistreats my customers”

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