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The 20 Poke best photos published in Instagram Bowls


Healthy cooking is booming and proof of this, it is this new trend that comes from Hawaii, he “Poke Bowl”, a healthy and very easy dish to prepare. Conforms fish recipe, on a base of rice or some type of seeds, with vegetables, salsas…

This type of dish is being very well received by the foodie community, because photogenic and attractive to its healthy composition. One of the social networks where it is TRULY “petando”, is in Instagram. Why we have met the 20 best photos “Poke Bowls” this network…enjoy it!

Best top “Poke Bowls” one Instagram

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POKE BOWL RICE, salmon, mango, edamame, cherry tomatoes, wakame seaweed and avocado. With rice, Salmon, mango, edamame, tomatitos cherry, wakame seaweed and avocado. With rice, salmon, mango, cherry tomatoes, edamame, wakame seaweed and avocado. . . . I love these bowls, Now you can find in the house next @sagarosushi, some bowls with a very complete product at a very first bo.😊 . . . #sagarosushi #sagaro #pokebowl #poke #asianfusion #asiaticfood #salmon #edamame #sushi #alvocado #aguacate #rice #arroz #top_food_instagram #f52grams #ig_gastronomic_cat #foodphotography #foodstyling #foodwinewomen #foodandwine #foodart #foodgram #foodgasm #12ataula #somgastronomia #gastropindoles #gastrotalkers #goodexperience #healthy #healthyfood

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Our Poke Bowl Chicken Teriyaki 🍗 with a delicious chicken thigh napado Japanese style with crispy vegetables on a base of jasmine rice or quinoa 🍚 is TOTALLY CELICIOSO
🇺🇲 Poke bowl anyone ? 😍 We invite you to try our Poke Bowls 🍚 🥑 With different toppings and delicious !! #GlutenFree #Feelgoodfood #Poke

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🍍 There's nothing like poke to cure a case of the rainy Mondays. More info in English below 🍍 . 🇪🇸 ES: If you want to escape the routine and make Monday not so gray 🌧 , @senorpina_bcn calls to add some color to your day. These very rainy day here in #Barcelona can not with this fun and colorful "he was" Poke 🐟 If you like poke but want to avoid using plastic ♻️ , #SenorPina is your solution 👌 . Obviously this Poke was delicious, but what I liked was the creativity of the product 👏 Never in my life have I seen anything like, and I think a fantastic idea 💡 addition, They have other options Poke, even vegan options 🌱 . And you? What are you going to eat today? 💋 – Olivia Rose . . 🇺🇸 IN: If you want to get away from the usual routine and this depressing grey Monday 🌧 , call up @senorpina_bcn for a little dose of color ☀️ These rainy days don't stand a chance against these bright and colorful poke bowls 🐟 If you're a fan of poke but also want to reduce your plastic consumption, this is an awesome solution ♻️ . Obviously this #pokebowl was delicious, but what I liked the most about it is how incredibly creative it is 👏 I've never seen anything like it before, and I think it's a wonderful idea 💡 What's more, they have lots of different dietary options, for GF, vegans or vegetarians 🌱 . What are you having for lunch today? 💋 – Olivia Rose

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