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The 3 essential avenues for online visibility restaurants


How many digital channels may promote restaurants? Many! which obviously It is a great advantage in our sector, because it shows the endless possibilities that we have today. Nevertheless, having so many options can be a headache when deciding where and where to invest to win customers steadily.

According to current trends and behaviors of Internet users, it can be said that there 3 main ways to attract customers. Are sites where users can retain more and better work to increase business visibility gastronomy.

Do you know which ones they are? Read on and see.

Social networks: Main channels for online visibility

For years social networks are the basis of advertising restaurants. In fact they have had an amazing evolution, becoming very comprehensive promotion platforms. Mainly Facebook e Instagram, that for now continue to lead the user preference when interacting with restaurants.

Through these networks today is possible to cover different areas of marketing restaurants:

The organic promotion, through content in various formats (images, texts, videos, etc.) impact allowing customers to make calls to action to achieve different objectives.

Direct and targeted advertising, through ads and paid advertising programs that count with each of these channels, to help bring Restaurant image to specific customers and generate better results.

Customer service, through communication can be established with users in private messages and comments.

The online service, by resources direct booking and delivery service, for example.

Measuring results, through various resources data analysis and statistics for each platform.

And an essential part for the current marketing is the possibility of establish an emotional connection powerful with customers throughout this interaction.

How do you know which social network is most suitable for my business? At first it is important to know the essence Restaurant, the type of potential customer and consider goals to meet, This way we can give the social network that best suits these variables.

If your restaurant and you rely on one or more active social networks and generating results, Congratulations! it is the first step to having an online visibility fireproof. Is the second track? Here you go:

Portals specializing in restoration

If there are channels dedicated exclusively to the world of hospitality, restaurants who want to attract customers continuously, They would have to have a profile on them. We refer of course to portals like TripAdvisor Y ElTenedor, they also offer different marketing possibilities for restaurants.

On the one hand, They are perfect showcase to present products and services restaurants, to users who enter these platforms directly concerned with finding places to eat out. TripAdvisor eg, features 456 million unique visitors per month *. You know what this means? An immense visibility!

On the other hand, these platforms allow users to share their dining experiences through the opinions online. They are currently one of the main sources consulting customers before making their purchasing decisions. Also they allow restorers, respond to these comments made emphasizing customer service and competitive. in ElTenedor, already they have 12 million registered views ** and every day it continues to grow.

How to become an account on these platforms? Easily. Click here to create a profile on TripAdvisor, and click here to create a profile in ElTenedor.

And what is the third way to win customers online?

Website adapted to these times

It is interesting to look back and remember that the website was the first task of marketing a restaurant. Today, we care about more than having a presence on platforms that have previously mentioned, but certainly the web remains the official letter of introduction, but with new features:

Es responsive and practically it is more important than having a good usability on mobile computers.

Button has direct booking online, as well as all major business data (phones, address, schedules, etc) clearly visible on all pages.

It has quality content (blog, news, succulent pictures, recipes, videos) to assist in customer loyalty access it.

It also has customer, as servicio delivery, and in some cases direct messages to chat online.

These are pages that do not take over 2 seconds to load (because they would lose the interest of users) with a simple and dynamic interface.

Does your business have these 3 online visibility routes? Are you in a social network, TripAdvisor and ElTenedor and accounts with a responsive web? Hope so and that of course you is generating excellent results.

*Data for the second quarter of 2018. Online official press room TripAdvisor.

**General data 2018. Room online official press ElTenedor.

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