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The 5 keys you need to know to create the best stories of Instagram in a restaurant


Instagram, the social network that puts the photos and stories, Facebook follows closely and is intended to outdo his older brother early in the next decade.

With these data must not miss us every day 400 million users consume the stories or stories of Instagram, some publications that are both popular and ephemeral. And is that the stories of Instagram, like the WhatsApp or Facebook, disappear within a few hours and if you have not been able to see them, there will be no way to access them. No doubt this feeling of exclusivity and clear time limit play an important role in the interest aroused, trapping and forcing the user to constantly updated.

The leading brands and businesses in the world knows too well the importance of the marketing on social networks and the need to run their bells online so accurate and loyalty to the expected format to resonate with the audience you target. For these reasons there are huge quantities of corporate Instagram stories.

In a recent study in which they have cooperated application buffer, specializing in support services for social networking company, Y Conviva Social Insights, data analyst for the same type of platform, They have been revised 15 000 Instagram stories of major trademarks present on the web: Taco Bell, Red Bull, Starbucks…

But ... How good are these stories?

1.- Post up to 7 scenes at home storie

More is not always better. In the stories of Instagram what matters is the full viewing index, as this declines sharply as the input exceeds the first scene. A) Yes, the optimal number of scenes seven. It is not a fixed value that has never changed, experimentation is crucial, but it is a guide ally in our advertising efforts.

He 70% the audience sees the full story if not exceeds 7 scenes. To the dismay of many marketing experts in social networks, solo 1 each 7 stories seen this metric.

2.- The best times are lunch and dinner

The peak traffic Instagram matches the best time to make the most of our advertising campaign online. Nothing new on the horizon. Given the demographic that frequents this social network, arrival home after leaving work at night marks the appropriate time for companies to reach as many people. Also the meal times.

3.- Share stories constantly and dynamically

As it turns out it is more better. Surprises of life! To improve the midrange of our stories, the best thing you can do is post more Releases of this type. Maintain a constant presence or at least habitual, ensures the most views.

yes, not worth making public a story that lacks quality; that is to say, stories should not take cascoporro to the detriment of their content.

4.- The content of your stories that is NOT advertising

It's not the same thing related to entertainment or sport history, a publication that could actually be seen as a masked ad. It is why the full viewing rate is somewhat lower in the case of content promoted by companies, a 69% in 2018.

In recent years this value has increased, thereby indicating no increased tolerance or interest by the public, but increased competition from marketing experts in social networks. It is therefore desirable to have a presence on Instagram as soon as possible, if you have not already; every year is more difficult to compete against rival businesses in this network.

Trademarks are the type of profile with larger volumes of followers, however are the least stories published. There are promotional opportunities for brands willing to put all the meat on the grill and increase the pace of regular publication. The positive effects of such a challenge have already been detailed above.

5.- Publishes the best scene first

A general features, must conquer the public from the outset. This means that it is not desirable to retain the best content for the final, this must be the material used in the opening of post.

Bear in mind also that simple graphics and a well-coordinated explanations outperform a professional audiovisual production. Simplicity has its rewards. Background, text and logo are a valid prescription for success.

By last, own statistics must not dismiss, each business is different and attracts a different audience. You will not have the same number of followers a vegan restaurant that a local in vogue. Since there are many niches where restaurants can specialize, It is interesting to work with data from self to know What unexplored methods have use in our particular case or what other measures do not work they can be applied successfully in the own local.

And remember, Most importantly, be.

Instagram is the social network of choice for catering business, because more times than we would like to accept, the food enters the eye.

Instagram It is the social network of choice for catering business, because more times than we would like to accept, the food enters the eye.

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