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The 5 “C’s” Social Media restauranting


In the restaurant industry, no one questions the enormous importance that new technologies have to attract new customers, wherein the step of inspiration of these has moved completely to digital environments.

Every day I review my timeline in the various networks in which I participate actively, I find most restaurants called “traditional” who follow me and share their content, thing I would honestly seemed unthinkable a few years ago, and I am sure that they too.

I will not judge the motives which led them to this participation, since in many cases it is likely to be more obligation than passion, but ultimately they are and that is important to understand the change of the current model.

Today I want to remember 5 essential keys to developing a strategy Social Media Restauranting and for that I will share my opinion about an article I read a few days ago, “Restaurant Social Media Success”, about the 5 “C’s”:

1.- Content

Is the basis on which any strategy grows Social Media Restauranting, the content is the best way to approach and show that users are more and you care.

The ability to create content on the Internet today has no limits, are varied formats, texts, Photographs, videos. All this helps you become relevant search engines and users will take into account in its final decision.

Stated as it offline, It would be comparable to having our restaurant on the busiest street of a city or a street to have hidden. The first does not guarantee success but if you increase the likelihood that your restaurant is presented in the final customer choice.

2.- Healing

The content curation is what allows restaurants to share valuable content with your community of followers.

But we must not confuse share content with what I call the “Ego-Participation”, that is to say, Not to mention nothing but us and our virtues, That belongs to the past century, the previous model and today has no value for our community.

Restaurants are to promote “Co-Participation”, give voice to his client so that it will become the protagonist of conversation and ultimately, is an exchange of value between.

3.- Constancy

It is the great unknown for those who start in social networks and think this is nothing more than open a profile on Twitter and another in Facebook and when I remember sharing a photo ... ah! and also free ... what a big mistake!

Constancy in work, in planning, In the design, in the execution, measurement, even in training, is the big difference between the strategies that produce results and “adventures 2.0” which end in total disaster or by using an agency.


Social networks would not exist if there were no talks, something that seems so obvious, often it is very difficult to get and many restaurants when they start encounter this problem.

We must start from the basis that users are not required to talk to restaurants through digital channels, are the restaurants through their participation and exchange value which should promote these conversations and that should be the main objective of our participation in these environments.


The restaurant entrance is no longer the traditional access door, decisions taken today in digital environments, in the “doors 2.0”, and this is the great challenge that the sector faces, be able to generate a sufficient degree of connection for online users to make decisions affecting offline in the restaurant and so turn the user not only a customer face, but also in our best recommender digital.


What is your opinion about the influence of digital environments sustainability restaurants?, Do you think it is already decisive for the survival of a restaurant? You can leave me your comment here

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