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The 5 marketing trends for restaurants 2013


Undoubtedly, social networks have changed in a very relevant way marketing techniques in the restaurant industry in recent years, passing an invasive marketing to another very different where, through the co-involvement customer interactions they are generated in the contents.

A few days ago the company Buzztime published a computer graphics which shows in graphic form the 5 major marketing trends for restaurants 2013, based on a number of sources related to restaurants and new technologies.

As on other occasions, I will give my opinion on each of these 5 trends:

#1: Customers rely on other customers

I never tire of repeating in my lectures and courses, reputation is the main element of attraction and customer loyalty for restaurants, the difference from word of mouth of life is that now has moved to internet, It has been digitized, and its effect has increased, because it does not need to be a link of any kind to the opinions of other customers influence my decision, mainly in the phase of digital inspiration.

[He 72% trust someone they know or online opinions over other influences]

Infographics about trends in marketing for restaurants

#2: Customer loyalty

Today with the huge competition that exists in the restaurant industry customer loyalty is an essential element in the future sustainability of the company, There is also a factor that causes this process is not the same as a few years ago, since thanks to the digitization of the sector client has an enormous amount of information restaurant before going to it, therefore loyalty must be based on excellence, that is to say, exceed the expectations that the customer has generated digital information gathering stage.

[He 88% using loyalty programs get on average 88% benefits over its competitors who do not]

Bars and restaurants trends in marketing

#3: The customer is mobile

Growth in the use of smart phones or smartphones in recent years is exponential, the restaurant industry to a new client faces also making their decisions in a digital environment also adds mobile component, that is to say, not limited to where this information accurate.

We must bear in mind that a large percentage of customers who go to a restaurant, is the type that is, They do proximity, They are what I call the “diners nearby”, and to capture these digital and mobile information is vital.

[He 30% Internet use comes from mobile devices, If your site is not mobile, 3 each 10 users will not find]

2013 -Bar-and-Restaurant-Marketing-Trends-Infographic

#4: Social Media Restauranting

undoubtedly Social Media Restauranting or strategies restaurants in social networks are becoming the main element for new customers, generating a Social Capital 2.0 based on the new digital relationship between the customer and the restaurant.

[3 each 4 customers (72%) They have used Facebook to make a decision about a restaurant, basing this on comments or images that have been shared by other users]

Top 5 restaurants trends in marketing

#5: Content and SEO

The content is information and good information is important because it influences the decisions of others, also for the first time in history a very important phenomenon occurs in the restaurant industry, and that any of us can be producer and consumer of relevant information, thanks to the socialization of content no longer have to be a professional who generate that content, all we can generate and consume influential information.

Moreover, the SEO or positioning in major search engines It has become the object of desire of many restaurants, They want to occupy the top spot and is producing a very interesting phenomenon that is positioning segmentation, that is to say, I no longer position my restaurant as a global product, if not that placed the differentiating values ​​that really got my product and my restaurant in front of the rest.

The best marketing trends for restaurantsWhat is your opinion on these 5 marketing trends for restaurants?Would you include someone else you consider important?

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