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The 5 gastronomic trends for 2018 that every hotelier should know


As it's usual, the bet soar at the beginning of each year to transfer culinary trends that will shape this 2018. Trends revolve around new proposals gourmet, new consumer habits or products are reborn to conquer the palates of the public foodie.

But, Who marks these trends? In short words, the population is the cause of popularizing one way or another gastronomic currents that will reach our tables. Cooks and public figures play an important role in it because its power of influence is greater.

Even, the globe's strongest brands are those with the new products adapted to current trends and from there, effect occurs chain, which causes changes in other companies who see a niche market.

The 5 most relevant trends for this year 2018

1.- fermented

If resulted trend in the 2017, They fermented return to the tables because of their ease in being prepared but also, due to their Body probiotic properties.

La kombucha, based fermented tea and sweetened in some cases; cabbage or as is commonly known in Germany: Chuchrut; the kimchi sauce, a classic restoration based cabbage and spices, will be some of the unfermented that can not fail to try if you sum the bandwagon of gastronomic news This new year.

2.- oriental cuisine

The Middle Eastern cuisine reinvents itself and comes with new proposals beyond the falafel, kebab, pita hummus. In fact there are only restaurants dedicated to this elaboration based on chickpeas.

Now it's time to give way to traditional dishes of Asian cuisine As the Kshcshuk, cooked eggs spicy tomato sauce; shawarma, various seasoned meats accompanied by sauces; or Jraime, popular fish dish and essential at the tables when receiving the Sabbat.

3.- Spices and seeds

Definitely, by changing the spices completely we change the flavor of the dish. If we can buy easily and tastes of the orient, now turmeric will star both dishes and drinks like coffee. He turmeric latte Now you can try the cafes more trendy Barcelona or Madrid.

And beyond the white sesame, now the black will be the most popular and will be present in both sushis or vinaigrettes but also in stews or desserts because of its contribution toasted something reminiscent of a nut.

4.- Soda

If you knew the bubble time is perfect to whet the appetite and improve digestion, now this drink trendsetting. He soda it shall be seen in numerous tables, even flavored with fruits and herbs for a different flavor to most Italian style.

further, It proliferates consumption because of reduced sugar in drinks and lower alcohol consumption. All for a good cause healthy.

5.- Transparency

Possibly one of the most demanded by the consumer point long ago. Now the industry change its mindset to transmit transparency when selling their products. further, this quality will bring added value to it. What's your origin? As elaborated? What are its main properties? These are the questions that will have to respond because the consumer wants to know in detail.

Some French companies, especially dairies, were pioneers in including details of provenance. Y If you have a product of closeness, do not stop to reflect as You can move to a purchase decision.

Definitely, These are some of the culinary trends, You can see some more, they come to stay over the past twelve months that lie ahead and presumed to be exciting for the world of restaurants and cuisine in general.

About the Author

Chef, sommelier and gastronomic consultant. Management expert Food and Beverages in the hospitality industry, advises numerous brands of the food industry and restaurants in the development of cards, wines, distillates and cost control. Balanzino Manu is the founder and director of the digital newspaper, The Gourmet Journal, a referential publication of the culinary field. further, He is editor in magazines specializing in food and wine both nationally and internationally.


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