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The 6 keys to increase online orders a restaurant


Growth delivery Y takeaway it's undeniable: 66% Spaniards have used food delivery services and takeaways. According to "Eating Out Of Home in 2018", a study by Kantar Worldpanel, this means that 22 million people have already opted for these new forms of consumption. Whereas the figure continues to rise in 2019, restorers must find ways to exploit the trend to increase sales and become known.

Besides being present in platforms delivery popular as Glovo, Deliveroo Y Just Eat, some businesses are beginning to offer delivery services on their own websites. Regardless of the channel or type of establishment, there are some basic tips that every restaurant should continue to increase online orders. Then share 6 tips that will help you take your sales delivery the next level.

  1. Think of the menu

The menu home does not have to be equal to the card from your restaurant. To ensure a good experience, it is important to dispense with the dishes that will not stand the way and think about the best solutions to pack those who do. The key is to monitor online sales to identify the most popular items and make decisions based on that: You can change the menu, create different versions of favorite dishes and even offer exclusive articles delivery. As further advice, if you have a smart TPV, You can control all of these metrics at a glance and edit the chart in seconds.

  1. Create an attractive platform

Those who ask your online courses do not have to know your restaurant. In fact, taking into account that 2 each 3 Spaniards use services delivery Y takeaway, there is the possibility that many try the food at home without having been previously in the local. It is therefore essential to have an attractive platform orders serve as cover letter and invite users to order with an easy purchasing process.

If you choose applications delivery Popular, the key is the description of the dishes and photos; while those restaurateurs who also offer delivery services on their websites have more customization options. You want to want to explore the latter possibility, alternatives exist as Tiller Delivery, a new service company TPV Tiller Systems which allows restaurateurs to create your own web page order. With Tiller Delivery you can build a site easy, modern and functional in few clicks. further, It is directly integrated into the POS, allowing you to manage all your data in one place.

  1. please report offline

Do not forget your most loyal customers, make sure your restaurant visitors are aware of the possibility of ordering home. Are some ways to do it? If you have e-mail, send an email promoting your platform and including a special discount code to test. As for more traditional options, You can opt for stickers, flyers, displays on tables and, Of course, reminders of your employees.

  1. Lean on networks

In these times what is not on the Internet does not exist, and considering that virtual communities dominate the network, Restaurants are not in Facebook o Instagram neither. Good management of social networks can help you gain notoriety, generate commitment and even get new diners offline and online. Think about it: If you upload a delicious picture of one of your dishes, the possibility of asking at home immediately becomes even more irresistible.

As basic rules, be sure to plan your content consistently and be as visual as possible. It is also important to interact with your followers: creates a special hashtag for your restaurant, Share images delivery and rewards your followers with online discount codes. If you want to go a step further, You can even experiment with Facebook ads promoting publications or Instagram.

  1. Afina details

There are some actions you can take to improve the positioning of your restaurant search engine. If you have not yet done, be sure to create a Google My Business page with all the information necessary: Photos, address, schedules and, Of course, the website of your restaurant orders. You can also launch a campaign influencers inviting them to taste your food at home in exchange for their opinions.

  1. It offers the best service

Not everything is food: 82% Customer He admits to having left a company after receiving poor service. On average, a happy customer talks 9 people about their experience and 86% consumers are willing to pay more for a good deal. In the case of delivery, be sure to meet the estimated shipping time, It ensures that the food arrives in good condition and do not forget to address any complaints or suggestions.

With this data, If anything is clear it is that the explosion of new channels should not be missed. If you have a restaurant and not know where to start or looking for alternatives to traditional delivery platforms, you can give a try to Tiller Delivery. Providing a page own orders, Tiller POS service It proposes to make themselves known restaurants, retain customers and increase turnover in exchange for 10% commission.

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