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The 6 best ways to increase a restaurant's comments on TripAdvisor


To maintain good reputation online it is necessary to have a steady stream of opinions on local pages in restaurant reviews. A) Yes, We guarantee that the information and sensations provided by customers are updated and become the best way to attract and retain new customers.

We arrived in this way the problem of getting users to leave your opinion. Studies on the behavior of the diner after lunch reveal that the percentage of people who leave their experiences reflected in the network is very low. further, this type of feedback It is biased, it is more likely that someone who has had a bad experience in the local Leave your review, that it does a person who has enjoyed the visit to the restaurant.

According TripAdvisor, one of the references in the pages of restaurant reviews, potential customers spend up to twice as long in the profiles of those restaurants that have more opinions. With only 20 profile views, and they begin to perceive these results. If the number reaches 40, rather than a duplication, we are talking about tripling. Y The longer a user in a profile, most likely to interact with the same.

In a recent paper shared by TripAdvisor, six interesting ways in which the restorer can boost the number of reviews received are given. They are as follows:

1.- It includes TripAdvisor widget on the restaurant's website. A) Yes, who frequent your website can leave an opinion page restaurant reviews without leaving the site brand.

2.- Use the Review application Facebook. Today restaurants want to maintain their presence online on so many fronts as possible. Facebook, Besides being a massive social network, It is a place of unparalleled marketing. Businesses that have a profile on the platform can install the free application TripAdvisor allowing use the tab "Write a review" to let your review, automatically added Restaurant TripAdvisor profile.

3.- Remind your customers to leave a comment on the account or end ticket. Not all solutions for more reviews have to be based on technology. Sometimes enough to offer its own promotional brochure or default TripAdvisor (downloading 'Tools marketing"In the Management Center), or include a few lines on the ticket that will be highlighted by the waiter who delivered the account. And it is that sometimes a simple red marker works wonders.

4.- Place cards or warnings about the presence restaurant TripAdvisor. Apart from the door sticker "Evaluated TripAdvisor 'page offered by restaurant reviews, other alternatives that work well is placing cards on tables or posters or framed her Certificate of Excellence, if it has achieved one.

5.- Inform your customers about the importance of leaving a review. By dismissing customers, the waiter who has served you always have the opportunity to wish you a good day and ask them to leave an opinion online on local and experience. Knowing that this is desired and positive for the restaurant, are many customers who agree to do so.

6.- Remember email. A follow-up after visiting the premises can have a wonderful effect. The problem is to gather e-mails from customers. For this you can use some external applications, promote a loyalty program and rewards for recurrent customers or offer subscription to a free newsletter. With directions in hand, can make shipments from the option "Express Review» TripAdvisor. When do, must have the express permission of the owner and observe local regulations.

All of these tools are free and restaurants with a profile on TripAdvisor can make extensive use of them for maintain its reputation online in good condition and generate more interest on your brand.

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