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The 6 reasons for the success of vegan restaurants


We just few months 2016 but we can say that vegan restaurants are the hit of the year. Gastronomy evolves to keep pace in a society that is experiencing increasingly focused constantly changes to environmental care, sustainability and healthy living.

The fact is that these trends do not stay in the house of each, but restaurants have seen a reef in a new niche market that is becoming more and more followers. If still you wonder why this sudden rise of vegan restaurants should, Explain that there is only one reason. It is not the exclusive pursuit of sustainability, or just want to lead a healthier life. Are many reasons which together form a long list below desgranamos.

  1. The desire to lead a healthy life

In the last decade the world's population has found a new concern: their feeding. Every time we are more aware of how important it is maintain a healthy life based on exercise and a balanced diet, and not only to be fit but to avoid possible diseases.

For it, fruits, vegetables and legumes come to our rescue to prevent drop in cardiovascular problems such as obesity or diabetes, and to reduce the risk of cancer.

  1. Concern over the use of hormones in animals

The first leads to the second. In the process of healthy life you want to remove all toxins from the body, including those that may come from meat products. The growing concern over potential effects on human health antibiotics and other hormones that consume an animal in their upbringing makes it increasingly more customers opting for vegan restaurants.

  1. The thought of the Millennial Generation

remember that veganism a step forward with respect to vegetarianism and eliminated entirely from the diet any animal product, whether meat, eggs, milk or fat with which the food is prepared in question. Beyond a practice in search of a life as healthy as possible, It is a way of understanding the power without resorting to animals, in which concerns also go through issues such as awareness of the planet or animal abuse.

Millennial thinking own motion, a new generation that would rather spend their money on vegan restaurants towards more sustainable consumption than previous generations.

  1. Local support for farms

Another important factor is the promotion of local business. The client now values ​​the support for the "small business", more accessible, near and with whom we can talk every day when we will make the purchase. And if some have vegan restaurants it is that bond with local farmers offer their organic products and have passed safety culture process 100% natural.

further, It allows them to play with the variety of food that is given depending on the geographical area and the season, so the experience of trying new dishes is assured.

  1. The rise in meat prices

Among the economic reasons it is mainly progressive rise in meat prices in recent years. It is true that for some time now the figures have remained more or less stable, but after the onset of the crisis, the consumer has become much more sensitive to any slight price increase. In this context, food of animal origin significantly raise our bill, both purchase and the restaurant when we go, what works in favor of vegetable products.

  1. Sustainability of land and environmental responsibility

The world population grows without brakes and by leaps and bounds, Contrary to what happens to the planet's resources. Fear of running out of meat supply is leading to increased consumption of raw materials of plant origin, as possibilities for fast and efficient cultivation are higher than animal husbandry.

The same applies to concerns about environmental care. The ecological footprint that is leaving the meat industry It is causing certain rejection products, while producing a smaller vegan foods impact is generated .

More and more entrepreneurs who choose a vegan restaurant opening and certainly no shortage of reasons. The sustainability, care of the environment and human health They are trend in this 2016 and the market is still untapped.

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  1. Julia Crudivegana on

    The success of vegan restaurants is because people have become vegans because they have become aware of animal suffering and who have few scruples meat companies. further, climate change.

    Great article that explains the popularity of vegan restaurants from various viewpoints.


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