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The 8 Main trends in marketing for restaurants 2018


Talk about trends in restaurants for 2018 It can be bold at this point, but it is something we must do if we want to be prepared for the year has just started.

Why should we be aware of these trends?

Because many of the restaurateurs in this country, right now we are working on two fundamental tasks: he budget 2018 Y defining strategy to follow.

It is therefore necessary identify what will be the key actions marketing and how many resources you're going to devote to each.

Trends for restaurants that are going to succeed in 2018:

1.- Mobile content will, one more year, fundamental

He report on the sector mobile in Spain in 2017 by consultants Ditrendia It provides us with significant data and can set ourselves the way forward as it: Spain leads the world rankings with 88% mobile users, or for 94,6% Spanish mobile is the indispensable means to access the Internet. We must create and design unique and exclusive content for this medium.

2.- Create content for the web that is very visual

Every day we are further from the written contents and closer to the image. Z generation and Millennials want more visual messages, concrete and can consume quickly. The video is the protagonist and is positioned as the best format for content marketing. What networks? Facebook, Instagram and above Pinterest, a perfect social network for inspiration and that we can not dismiss.

What videos can use?

3.- Start practicing healing content

select which topics and contents are interesting for your community online, What purpose? offer only parts of relevance, that are of interest. Of course, they must keep a close relationship with the values ​​of the brand and territories as well as the line is carried out with content marketing.

4.- Trust in the power of the Influencers

Influencers gain presence as Brand Advocates, but we could see how it goes from the big influencers other "microinfluecners" with followers of better quality.

5.- Use social networks as the center of your marketing strategy

5.1.- Facebook

Facebook had in September 4.072 million users worldwide and reached an annual turnover of more than 8.845 millions of euros. growing by 48,6 % more than in the same period 2016. In addition it has adapted well to the improvements that users asked him and has significantly improved its streaming.

5.2.- Instragram

If your 700 million active users,as is the preferred network by foodies We joined the possibility that soon will You can make reservations at restaurants, no longer we need to know why it is one of the trends 2018. We're talking about i-Commerce or Instant Commerce, modality that uses social networks as direct sales channel.

6.- You take care of your reputation online

Closely related to big data. There is a duality between landside and private business, on the one hand can change the decision of users and other online reputation is also a tool for improvement to show us the areas where we need development.

7.- Big data y social media intelligence

Clearly the amount of data generated daily Internet users. Analyze information It is obtained through digital environments It allows us to data on tastes, preferences and customs and get to know our customers., To create better customer experiences, know how to predict and anticipate their needs is a vital aspect in the future of our business.

8.- Voice search

It is expected that 2020 voice searches will reach the 50% of all searches made on the Internet. We must consider new players, Siri actresses or Alexa, Besides. This does not mean that we should forget the keywords and quality content, but we must SEO work for voice searches.

Other trends we must consider:

  • Food delivery
  • Chatbots
  • Internet of things
  • Mobile payment

Now it's your turn, assesses which of these are most appropriate for your business face to begin develop your marketing plan 2018.

About the Author

CEO Alfredo Cortés Consultores. Integral Marketing Consulting. Collaborator CEOE Aragon. Speaker at the Zaragoza Chamber of Commerce, San Jorge University (Zaragoza) Previously: Marketing and Communication Director at Grupo LMssLM (The mob sits at the table, La boutique Italian food y Dìtaly).


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