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The app's are key to service delivery triumph restaurants


Restaurant chains of all kinds, from Panera McDonald's, to independent restoration, They are being launched to provide food delivery services at home through mobile applications. And is that he delivery It has been one of the services that have grown in the restaurant world in recent years.

The convenience makes it easier to multi-client connected to the network many more options than before. For the first time is no longer the customer who goes to the restaurant, is now the restaurant the customer can go.

Checking their mobile devices, diners decide, based on a number of variables, they want to eat and how they will get. According to experts, and as we saw last week we published marketwatch.com, This is encouraging restaurants to go into use mobile apps that enable them to implement or improve their services delivery.

According to data compiled by NPD Group, company specializing in market research, analysis and consumer trends, half the Consumers who prefer a restaurant delivery service, because they do not want to leave home or they do not want or do not feel like cooking.

So far so normal. But the study also pointed NPD Group as application usage mobile, text messages or whatsapp to order food a restaurant or any other service provider supply (It includes when you do grocery shopping online), increased by 18% over the previous year.

"Most of these requests were made to order dinner, by under 35 years (millennials) and people who have upper-middle income. These are users who make more orders digitally "sources pointed the group in charge of this study.

"One of the reasons for this rapid growth may be due precisely to the restaurant industry had not done a good job implementing technology to address their service delivery above. And now, if they are taking good decisions to digitize these services " said Bonnie Riggs specialist industry analysis at NPD Group restaurants. He also noted that the delivery of orders increased 26% from 2013 a 2017 outside the restaurant sector.

¿Service orders and deliveries? Better service digitalized

All companies that are being launched to digitization of its services delivery, they are doing it through mobile applications and technologies with digital payments.

The company Bojangles’ Famous Chicken ‘n Biscuits, emanating from chain restaurants like Zaxby's, Hardee’s, Chick‑fil‑A, or the famous Kentucky Fried Chicken, He said he is working on technologies to implement a service to facilitate ordering and mobile payments

Restaurant Brands International Inc. is the company which brings together some of the brands and chain restaurants quick-service major world as Burger King, Tim Hortons o Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, recently it announced that is immersed in the study for the implementation of new mobile apps to improve the customer experience in all restaurants.

Meanwhile, McDonald's Corporation, with about 36.000 restaurants in more than 100 countries around the world, It has spent months trying to integrate mobile payments via the "Future experience" they want to create in all restaurants. They are also going to implement, as he has recently made its competitor Burger King, the home delivery service.

According to US media The Wall Street Journal, McDonald's plan is to offer its home delivery service in their restaurants in the US with the help of Uber as we discussed in the article published in this newspaper under the title “The great digital revolution McDonald's has begun”.

The emergence of technology companies in the hospitality industry

Because the service delivery or delivery, "Will be the largest growth opportunity for restaurants in the coming years ", by John Zolidis, President de Quo Vadis Capital, company dedicated to studies in the business environment. Nevertheless, Expect your restaurant an application is only part of the equation: these "applications have to be implemented in the right way, to help with the flow of orders and do not cause traffic jams, no queues or waiting excess demand in key moments, it can not be assumed”.

Because, beyond developing apps for their delivery services, companies are partnering with specialized companies to perform the part of the delivery. Although not the case for all companies. Panera Bread e.g., He signed an agreement melting 7.500 JAB million dollars earlier this year with the aim of hiring 10.000 drivers so that at year end, They are working for new service delivery. It also happens the same with Burger King in Spain, where the dealers are of the company itself.

The American chain of bakeries and cafes Panera Bread, already it has digitized more than one quarter of its transactions. As we published just one month ago, the company plans to raise between 1.100 million and 1.200 million dollars in digital sales in 2017. However the president of Panera, Blaine Hurst said that "more than a quarter of Panera transactions are conducted through order and digital payment".

Mobile apps are getting better. In a time when we all have smartphones connected within reach, the question is: How can we use these devices so that each time the experience easier and more enjoyable with our restaurant customers?

The American chain of bakeries and cafes Panera Bread, already it has digitized more than one quarter of its transactions. As we published just one month ago, the company plans to raise between 1.100 million and 1.200 million in digital sales 2017.

Panera Bread

Technology is facilitating the task of bringing new guests to our restaurant, in a changing world, every time it gets faster. Businesses must adapt to the pace leading customers, increasingly digitized and eager to enjoy different experiences and delicious. The restaurants have great opportunities in the new trends emerging around the digitization, and certainly the service delivery or takeout is one of them.

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