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Restaurant chains in the crosshairs of hackers’


We have recently experienced a wave of large-scale cyber attacks, known as ransomware, who have risen to fame in recent months due to a couple of cyber-attack of some relevance. This type of virus hijacks systems to sue users hacked the payment of a ransom, Y He came to affect companies and organizations from Spain, United Kingdom, Portugal, Italy, Russia, U.S, China e India, among other countries.

This is only a certain type of attack, focused on a large scale and on a general level, but there are almost endless possibilities to break down the barriers of system security, Y any company or user to connect is likely to be hacked by a criminal, including restaurants.

Because restaurants and hospitality, a immersed full digital processing sector, You are aware of the dangers of crossing the massive data across the network? Does it take the necessary measures to avoid? Restaurants have become a core of technological innovations that more and more processes are performed via the Internet, leaving behind a trail in the form of digital data they must be safe, although it is not always possible.

Since Chipotle a Arby’s, going by Wendy’s or any small neighborhood establishment, All restaurants are likely to be hacked to evil ends, and in these cases, the consequences can be devastating since, among other things, Today customers and transact with credit card or with a mobile associated with a bank account.

Restaurant franchises, candy for cyber-terrorists

As we could read a few days ago in the middle qsrmagazine.com, Varun Badhwar, CEO and co-founder RedLock, a security company in the cloud, He has been one of the keys why so many large restaurant chains are being attacked: "Chains franchised restaurants offer many entry points for potential cyber-terrorists, who have no trouble finding the weakest link. Security systems are usually broken, and not all franchisees will have the same level of security "aimed Badwar.

It also noted what a secret, and it is that restaurants are not considering security as something serious enough. to sample, serve some cases like Chipotle, which recently he announced as a virus had stolen payment data customers for three weeks in several of its stores.

The last week, chain was Shoney who declared that he had suffered data theft up 150 Credit cards, and Arby's said in February that their accounts had been hacked and consequently They had been digitally stolen data to 355.000 customer credit cards.

It is clear that at this point the problem is shared between customers and restaurants, and the solution, apparently, is to increase the responsibilities of the parties. Restaurateurs should take a step forward and not think about the cost of data recovery or repair damage, but to take the necessary measures so that nothing that comes to pass.

Frank Picarello, COO TeamLogic IT, a franchise network specializing in advanced technology solutions, it is clear: "In addition to implementing sophisticated technological infrastructure to prevent attacks, we can not forget the training of staff. In fact, most of errors that motivate the inclusion of any virus or hacking any account, They are usually the people themselves, who do not have a correct notion of the importance of securing information involves our devices.”

With a large customer turnover, thousands of transactions and several restaurants online, fast food chains are a real challenge for computer security companies, Who They must begin to train employees of the restaurants on cybersecurity to learn to give it the importance it deserves.

Problems for restaurant brand image

Duplicate current efforts in cybersecurity is more than justified because the consequences for both individual restaurants to large chains They are economically dramatic Y for the prestige of the brand.

Imagine the impact that causes an anonymous client when a restaurant has been the last place you paid before you found out you have hacked the card. They are issues that have important negative implications for business.

Despite what it may seem, Offenses against our credit cards are not what are causing further damage. Cyber ​​attacks that compromise social security numbers of consumers can lead to phishing, whose resolution is much more complex than calling to cancel the card and issue another.

Measures to prevent hacking of accounts of a restaurant

To better illustrate the direct experience from the offices of management of a restaurant chain, We have contacted Alfredo Cortés, Director of Marketing and Communications from The Mafia sits at the table, a franchised Italian-Mediterranean cuisine with more than 40 restaurants throughout Spain. We asked for how to deal with computer security having a chain like yours, with so many franchisees distributed in national territory.

"In 17 years of experience, obviously we had to keep improving our security systems both on the website, as in the Intranet from where we service to other franchisees. In this environment so all orders are given and circulates all company information, making the security of these systems, It is essential for us. We have our own CRM, and if we drop the reservation book, or any other point of the restaurant is digitized, You could access some of the data of customers ", Cortes says.

From your experience, He says they have never had any serious problems of hacking their accounts to information theft: "What's happened to us was year and a half ago, we hacked the central server to simply place a photo on our homepage. It was solved quickly. Beyond that, I want to influence the importance of cyber-security training of its employees La Mafia sits at the table ", remark. And continues: "We have an expert like Daniel Pereira, Head of the Department of Information Technology, which trains new employees in the use of our digital devices, as well as internal working code that dictates logical things like not enter certain websites, not open strange emails or insert pen drives without having the certainty that they are not infected. "

Security companies are clear: lack awareness

At the other end of the river are the engineering and computer security. After consulting a few, the conclusion is clear: Restaurants have called them to schedule, set up programs and TPV's own work, or to solve any problems, but never to take measures of prevention or protected before it is necessary.

This tells us that lack of awareness by restaurants "And the other sectors in general" points Santiago Polo, Responsable Security Express de Antimalwares, a company specializing in computer security company: "We have already received several warnings of attacks on restaurants or hospitality businesses. Viruses encrypted servers and have to decrypt the information. In this point, cyberdelincuente depends art and forecasting Restaurant, because if you have not backed up, it's natural that I should lose all the information, "says Polo.

"We need take real awareness of the seriousness of the problem, not only in hotels, but in all fields. The banking sector, or technologies invest heavily in information protection, but other sectors, It is long overdue. "He continues,: "Further, It is essential to the formation of restaurant employees, as it is said to be the worst attack, He is unaware of who is sitting between the chair and the PC. That prick wherever, download anything, etc. Anything you are going to serve all barriers to world security and unconscious reckless practice of an employee from a computer company. "Concludes.

As we have seen, computer security in companies, and specifically in the restaurants, is essential to ensure that the process of digital transformation is performed safely. More and more digitized processes and therefore, more options set for cyberdelincuentes. Restaurants must become aware and begin to allocate resources and to prevent the problem, instead of paying the consequences of a significant loss of information or other more serious problems.

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