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Cafeterias served by robots rage in Malaysia


With the intention of improve service at peak times day, the owners of several Malaysian Kopitiam (specialized cafes in almost ubiquitous breakfast in Southeast Asia) China has imported from a gang of robotic waiters with those who provide reduce waiting time of its customers in half.

The public response has not been made to wait.

Already popular, Nam Heong Restaurant Ipoh Soho has caused rodeado if arremolinen en sus puertas as moths attracted by a bulb. In addition to the improvement in service, Lui Sung Pong or Goddesses Band (as it has been agreed to call this robotic fleet) it was a Irresistible claim for a population that practically worships robots.

And the Chinese technology gives to talk. An entire advertising feat, the "goddesses" have been christened with names divas and Asian celebrities. Each of these waiters robots, worth nearly 4000 euros, It is scheduled to speak Cantonese and English, although its software supports other 34 languages. Of course, we will not be able to put chitchat with them, both answers as voice commands are canned.

The opinion of the customer and fears of the waiters

The entry of robots in the local has not been free of friction. While the usual restaurant was not opposed to the idea, If you have remarked they expect the use of this technology even extravagant no effect on the prices of the drinks.

The robots, slightly anthropomorphic and female character and jovial, far from the animatronics. Perhaps this has been one of the reasons why the reception from customers has gone smoothly, designers have moved away from Uncanny Valley (hypothesis robotics exposed by Mori ) much as they have been. The robots, executed in Plastic white and red, have a smooth profile and a screen head that allows them to express "emotions" by smileys, but nothing to remember the facial expressions human overmuch.

On the other hand, is not as good those of the waiters, who see their robotic analogues are another step in the process automation industry that afflicts permanent search for higher returns.

Rolling through the tables to a speed of 60 kilometers per hour and demanding their bosses just a drink of electric power occasionally, Jacklyn Lim, General management assistant Nam Heong, It was quick to confirm that None of the 25 wait staff will be dismissed. But it They have changed their powers. no longer serve the tables, merely take orders, clean and place the food and drink on "goddesses" robotic.

Gradually the world sees how robots take kitchens and tables of restaurants around the world. Band Goddesses now joins P1L and N1C, the first robots waiters World, and cyber restaurant waiters Kushuan, among others. How long will it displace professionals flesh?

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