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The shared kitchens are all the rage in China and already collected 50 millions of dollars


Reduce operating costs in restaurants is a priority for all owners. The ways in which this can be achieved are diverse, but usually they go through one of the following options:

  • Automate processes to reduce the staff needed
  • Manage resources more efficiently Restaurant
  • correctly sizing the needs of local

In this sense, the technology toe is usually a good start if we want to increase profit margins with which it currently operates. The digital transformation of the restaurants has shown us repeatedly that receive arms the latest technological innovations often leads to a better functioning of the establishment.

Currently, and especially in organized restoration, a correct estimate of the needs of local is in turn bringing many benefits to brand managers involved. Not this boils down to adequately assess provisioning business, Also included in this section the prior to construction of the physical building that may affect favorably later in the day to day restaurant appreciations.

They are understood within this last section the sudden interest in reducing the size of classrooms to allocate land to new lanes drive-thru, redistributing the tables in rooms where diners often go without accompaniment and use of shared facilities with other restaurants.

In the case of shared facilities, a Chinese company called Panda Selected It is causing a stir with its proposal for shared kitchens.

The idea is not new. Previously minted as cloud kitchens or kitchens remote, the former CEO of Uber, Travis Kalanick, It was admitted to the Asian market with its Californian company City Storage Systems, specialized in providing shared workspaces. Your bet expansion has been in South Korea, country in which collaborate with FoodFly to reach customers' homes food cooked in the kitchens Cloud CloudKitchen, the subsidiary that will operate on the Korean peninsula.

However Selected Panda's initiative is much more robust. The proof of this is that during the month of February this year the company brought together 50 million in private funding, in addition to the 30 millions who had previously met. The investment was made through a Series C, he segment dedicated to scalability is granted only to companies whose operation, performance and economy is already well established. During this round of funding were the main participants investor funds Tiger Global, and DCM GenBridge Capital. The last two had financially supported the company and reaffirmed their confidence in this time.

The main advantage with Panda playing in China is Selected the local market is very receptive to the idea of ​​shared kitchens. In major mainland cities small catering business can not survive for much longer, economic growth of the Asian giant has made the price of land for rent skyrockets to new heights just a decade ago.

A) Yes, the option that allows them survival involves the use of food delivery companies at home and shared kitchens. This way you can still offer the service and also reaches a much larger clientele.

It is not too disruptive change for these small establishment traditional style. He catering Business and bicycle deliveries have been for many years the main sources of business. Smaller local, with street stalls if you want, not be affected; quite the contrary, with a new audience to reach across applications delivery companies food delivery, the possibilities to reduce operating costs and expanding regular clientele are vast.

In fact, just this kind of business with a very well-defined profile are the priorities of Panda Selected. In addition to offering them a shared workspace, the company also offers marketing tools and supply management.

It's only been three years since Panda Selected started operations in China, but in this market valued at 33 000 millions of dollars, its growth has been exponential. Currently it has 120 shared in the main economic centers of Chinese geography kitchens and has clients such as Luckin’ Coffe, coffee chain being a real obstacle on the way to the Asian expansion of swilling Starbucks.

Given the difficulty of access to the Chinese market for foreign companies, Selected Panda competition could only come from within the confines of China. Some analysts believe the SuperApp Meituan You may be interested in the services provided by the company providing shared kitchens, but for now these are just guesses. It remains to be seen what the decisions henceforth their respective steering committees are.

Finally, another consideration is whether to value these shared kitchens could eventually spread west. Since they provide a good basis to reduce operating costs of restaurants, it is not unreasonable to think that in just a few years this concept could be generalized in cities with rents prohibitively.

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