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Queues at restaurants, a claim to attract new customers


Article sponsored by MissTipsiA few weeks an owner of a foodtruck ago, these food trucks that we now see in many Spanish cities, He told me a story that changed the course of his business and that made me think about those traditional factors still work to attract new customers to restaurants.

As I recounted, he had always believed that the speed of service was a qualitative variable that favored the profitability of your business thanks to the rapid satisfaction of customer needs. His goal was to give as many meals as quickly as possible.

But soon he realized it was not always so, since in some cases be slower and get people wait in front of your business, in highly competitive environments are the Street Food Market or concentraciones de foodtrucks, It is the best psychological claim to attract new customers and improve billing in absolute values, provided you are able to optimize the timing.

A few days ago I found a reference on this topic based on reading a book written by nothing more and nothing less than article Alvin E.Roth, Nobel Economics Prize 2012 and professor at Harvard University, who devotes his life to research on game theory and experimental economics.

The fact is that Professor Roth explains in his book “Who Gets What — and Why: The New Economics of Matchmaking and Market Design” that restaurants do not just rely to announce a tasty meal, This can be done either. Many of them have prices attractive enough to cause queues of customers waiting.

And this helps them? because according Roth if, as a long line at the door of a restaurant sends a signal to the powerful subconscious, both potential new customers looking for a restaurant in the area as the other competitors restaurants. People think that if there are others waiting is because it is a good restaurant, worth waiting for and placed at the end of the tail.

Management of queues at restaurants

The formation of a tail It is a temporary imbalance between the demand for service and the ability to supply it Restaurant.

Management of queues at restaurants It must be sufficiently optimized to be capable of generating the positive impact, considering that an excess in the number of people or the waiting time can cause many customers to change their decision.

For all these reasons and based on the mathematical approach “Theory of tails” we will have to take into account the following Five factors to optimize this management:

1.- Identify the optimal level of capacity restaurant

2.- Assess the impact of possible alternatives you can take the client

3.- Establish the critical point between quantitative considerations price and qualitative service / product

4.- Optimizing time permanence in the restaurant

5.- Optimizing time wait in the queue

In many cases, the waiting in line generates a positive expectancy that adds value when the customer has no previous experience in the restaurant. Definitely, the decision taken others with the consequent “alleged” risk reduction.

Some restaurants even include this wait in the gastronomic and offer customers a drink or meal during the same. Others on the contrary They compete to see who has the longest waiting list in time, as some restaurants in the Michelin list.

Technology is trying to manage this situation with all kinds of proposals as vibrating devices, calls warning, Mobile messages, etc., but one that has struck me particularly and I would like to share with you.

Is about CharityWait which it is an option included in SmartLine, an application for managing queues at restaurants. It allows customers to skip the queue and have your table ready before anyone, You cant strain!, but yes, in return you have to make a donation to a charity of the proposed platform and which restaurants have to qualify to register on this platform. This option is called “Donate and Skip the Wait”, certainly an innovative way to optimize this service and also contribute to a charitable cause.

Definitely, ¿Lines at restaurants whether or not? as we have seen, optimizing its management can improve the turnover of a business and generate a positive expectation about the restaurant, but as a good friend of mine says you must not forget that “love can wait but not hunger”.

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