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Restaurant franchises are leading the use of virtual reality applications


When Justin Rosenberg he learned that he had been blessed with a team of virtual reality that is raffled along with the Newspaper New York Times, the first thought that came to him was how to use this wonderful device in your business, The chain of restaurantes Honeygrow.

“We have always attracted technological gadgets; in the restaurant we had kiosks from the start”, Rosenberg confessed to QSR Magazine. And he continued: “The idea of virtual reality accessible […] We found it particularly interesting”.

To make the most of the tool, They requested the help of a seasoned company in the different applications of virtual reality. Klip Collective, it is called the group of developers of VR environments, They were responsible for developing a training plan for new employees equipped with immersion, fully interactive virtual.

He five step software that addresses all aspects involved in customer service (from issues related to health and hygiene when handling food to local own label when addressing the diners) It is just one of the applications of virtual reality in the world of restoration.

The Main lines using augmented reality and virtual interactive environments are:

  • Staff training in an environment gamificado, consistent between establishments of the same chain, able to dispense interaction managers local (with the consequent cost savings in starting salary) and highly oriented towards achieving goals.
  • Advertising, effect call and differentiation face competition. The use of new technologies in the restoration acts as especially related claim for communities new technologies (techies Y geeks, for example), as well as young demographics native in entertainment media emerging as can be video games or social networks. Early implementation of VR and AR solutions available to consumers will increase turnover by invoking the inherent human curiosity. Differentiation these technologies is guaranteed to vanguardistas those risking to accommodate.
  • Diversifying the product offered in the restaurant. Initiatives begin to proliferate in the tasting and eating plastids is only one part of the whole. We refer to the oriented local show. Among the applications of virtual reality and augmented reality is the possibility of add a new layer of value to the existing. One of the most famous examples is the use of these systems as videoguide to know the origin and methods of preparation of different products offered, and the whole chain of actions necessary ingredients to end up on the plate. A service that diners hungry to know more widely appreciated and It allows revalue the whole process, too often relegated to the background, there behind every culinary creation.

  • Accessibility for people with special needs and breaking language barriers. Many ethnic restaurants, specializing in foreign cuisine or unknown products series suffer difficulties to inform the customer about the dish is about to request or refuse. Both augmented reality and virtual recreations cover the restorer in these cases, allowing anyone display the menu in advance and have a clear and definite idea of ​​what they will receive. People who have lost their vision can also use these systems because usually accompanied by audio to complete the experience.

The digital revolution in business is motivated not only by the search for higher margins, increases in benefits and extent of turnover. Often technological innovations are aimed at improve customer experience, They want a social good. This is the case, certainly, virtual reality. And so many establishments dedicated to the restoration boast such systems.

Restaurants and make full use of augmented reality and virtual

Apart from the aforementioned Honeygrow, inclusion in the group is rather anecdotal, worth highlight the initiatives of a number of restaurants and franchises of international renown.

One of the most striking cases is that of Kentucky Fried Chicken, It is demonstrating that applications of virtual reality the restoration will be of the most varied once generalized. Responsible for public relations KFC decided install a escape room (a sort of virtual dungeon to be escaped) to train new recruits template.

The idea behind the project is the extreme care and concern for detail that the founder of the chain, Coronel Sanders, He deposited to cook your chicken delights.

A) Yes, those who face the virtual training workshop must perform tasks following the strict protocols of the company. This ensures that the quality of products and perpetuate the name of the company continues to be in high esteem. Currently it is a pilot program that supplements the course multistep Chicken Mastery Certification and which is called 'The Hard Way'.

Starbucks is another famous franchise does not want to stay behind for the implementation of virtual reality refers. his Local Reserve Roasterie Shanghai has a virtual downloadable application that offers informative augmented reality experience. Coffee lovers can scan QR codes scattered site and learn interesting details about the place and the products served while waiting for your order is ready. More or less, It is a digital guide with pop-up dialogs.

And it is that nobody likes to wait. That is why increase the number of study design and 3D modeling for virtual reality applications offering packages of products for restaurants.

SubliMotion the chef Paco Roncero, a prominent example

Samsung already advanced in 2016 these devices “revolutionize the catering industry”, and it certainly seems that this will be. SubliMotion, the transgressive bet Paco Roncero in Ibiza, immerses guests on a journey of irreverent fantasy while they await the arrival of the dishes.

My is my, new establishments join this fashion. The cheapening of technology and the rise in its adoption promotes so be it. It is still early to know whether these new technologies in the restoration here to stay, but what is clear is that many local you are taking an important performance right now.

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