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Burgers to share eaten like pizzas, A new trend?


He Florentine Restaurant London is serving a mega burger £ 55 and 2 kg to share it as if it were a pizza. Meat pump comes to assume a ration 12 times higher than what would be a regular burger and is adorned with bits of black truffle, mushrooms portobello, cheese, bacon and garnish.

The objective of this burger It is used as dish to be shared between 4 O 6 people, and contrary to what usually happens with most of the giant dishes served in restaurants specializing in foodservice, the quality of this great snack is excellent. As we saw in the video publishing the average online Business Insider, This is due in part to the presence of several sheets of freshly grated truffle Hercúlea.

A giant burger cooked as if the most exquisite morsel were

This enormous wonder is conceived as if the best burger gourmet they were. Despite having the equivalent size to twelve regular burgers, Inside it is accompanied with mushrooms portobello chopped, Montgomety cheese, tomatoes and up 20 sheets of bacon perfectly toasted. Besides truffle sheets arranged, each piece of meat, which alone weighs and one kilo, It cooked on a griddle with the most meticulous care.

garnish, the piece is accompanied by fries and various sauces, among which includes a special truffle mayonnaise also homemade.

Burger "Derby" has a weight around 2 kilos and equals 2.500 calories and 260 grams protein, many more than that an adult should consume daily. For that reason, This special dish was conceived as food to share, and hence also its high price of £ 55.

In Spain we have antencedentes food giant

This case reminded us to some restaurants that are distributed by the Spanish geography Brutus, La Kaña or already closed Boñar Leon in Madrid. They already explored the concept of great food and sharing.

In our country always businesses have been focused on the younger audience and with a clear side of fun, which caused the standard of food served was often than lower. As if he had assumed that to receive such amount of food, This must necessarily be of low quality.

With its giant hamburger, London Florentine restaurant wanted us to show that if you can find a dish enormous proportions but food prepared with meticulousness and care, in addition to Products of the highest quality.

Perhaps we are facing a new trend in the way of eating burgers that can be shared by different diners? Will we eat burgers and pizzas eaten?…time will tell.

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