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The huge investments in TV American chain restaurants


During the last months of 2018 the influencers and marketing experts online atónicos attended an unprecedented: the cost per thousand impressions exceeded more than expected. Foreseeing an extended Christmas season, many were disappointed to see that during the first day of the twelfth month, CPM did not hold.

The curious thing about this case is the change in how advertisers spend. In Spain, he Black Friday He has begun to take traction in the last three years, and that's one of the reasons why the price of ads increased.

While in Spain we Laliga, in EE. THE. also they enjoy football and basketball. The meetings between the teams with more fans behind incommensurable amass audiences, and so advertising space during the matches are highly sought.

In the United States preferred events teams marketing of large catering companies are the professional league football competitions and institutes. A) Yes, Sunday is covered and Saturday respectively, issuing ads throughout the weekend; that is to say, those days when eating out is more common.

Nevertheless, with all major organized catering franchises competing for appearing in these sporting events, is unfeasible sufficient time for all emission.

What have been the strategies marketing to prevailing restaurants during 2018 in EE. UU.?

Investments in McDonald's ads

McDonald’s brand has been organized catering more investment announcements during November. With a next spending to 53 millions of dollars, outperforms Taco Bell, second in qualifying list, by 10 million in what refers to advertising investment.

The campaign conducted to promote the classic McDonald's menu at the price of six dollars has been issued 3888 occasions. It was the announcement star of the famous hamburger chain. Note the variety of different advertisements issued by the franchise, this number must be added other 10 891 emissions.

These were performed with higher incidence during programs Football cast in the CBS and in FOX, but also during commercial breaks of all kinds of TV shows: sponge Bob, The Walking Dead Y The Big Bang Theory among others.

Advertising spending Taco Bell

In order to publicize the offer of a double sloop for only five dollars, Taco Bell has prepared an ad set in the world of video games clearly aimed at millennials and younger generations.

That notice has been issued up to 11 611 times national channels, Assuming a not inconsiderable percentage of total notices issued, what happened with 15 869.

These were presented on the screen especially during sporting events such as in the case of McDonald's. the professional league is added and institutes football, NBA games issued by the canal ABC.

Among the series, solo The Walking Dead It is considered worthy investment (to the dismay of many exfans of the series that feel they have been spoiled in recent seasons), and a comedy of listed MTV called Ridiculousness, It is occupying the top five on the list of programs where most times the announcement issued.

Burger King millionaire investment

With a estimated amount of 31 990 326 dollars according to data iSpot.tv, company online television advertising analytics, Y 15 950 advertisements, the great competitor McDonald's has tried to maintain its presence in American homes, we now know that in addition to tasty burgers, can ask nuggets crackpot chicken prices.

The strategy marketing for restaurants Burger King follows the letter of Taco Bell, but instead of betting on skits from MTV, They are decided by the hooligan humor South Park, ABC series.

Domino's Seeks constant presence on television

The famous pizza franchise bid for ad volume. Although They have issued 19 213 business in prime time through national chains, spending remains below 32 millions of dollars. A strategy marketing for restaurants that relies on volume versus price or relevance of ads.

Interestingly the most popular brand ad, since then it has continued to issue up to the 25 889 reproductions, not about any of the articles pizzeria, but on his app mobile and one of the new features that have been implemented in her, the Dinner Bell, a tool that when activated sends a notification to all members of a group who have been eating pizza together at the moment when the dealer gets underway.

The franchise is confident football leagues, in SportsCenter CBS, high school basketball games and comic series The Office, retransmitted through Telemundo.

Pizza Hut and its advertising investment 23 652 895 Dollars

With a total of ads played on maximum audience nationwide 8990, Pizza Hut It ranks fifth in advertising spending during November 2018.

He spot Preferred talks about the new additional menu options, commercial strategy that Pizza Hut aims to strengthen its turnover. It reproduced by up to 5767 Sometimes in the following programs (ordered by number of reproductions): College Football FOX, NFL Football CBS, Law & Order SVU ABC, The Office ESPN and Keeping Up with the Kardashians USA Network.

Other advertising metrics November in US television. THE.

Although the prime moments are important, should not undermine the relevance of the ads at other times. Each dollar spent on prime time six out of this television segment are spent.

Fast food brands have targeted your ads to people of all demographic age groups. Solo Starbucks It has bought advertising aimed at women, betting on the age segment that goes from 35 to the 54 years.

Apart from the five companies that we have discussed in detail in the preceding sections, we must add other businesses organized restoration advertising budgets millionaires; namely: Wendy’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Starbucks, Subway Y Little Caesars Pizza. Headings devoted to advertising these other catering businesses dedicated to fast food are among the 22 911 936 Wendy's dollars and 14 926 487 de Little Caesars Pizza, the latter rather let down by the rest.

Gone are even franchises that focus on serving casual meals away from home; Applebee’s, Olive Garden, Outback Steakhouse Y Papa John’s fall within this definition.

Trends in the future of advertising for restaurants

TV shows and sporting events still hold millions hearings, however the emergence of entertainment online, sites streaming and video platforms erode the ability of advertising agencies to issue general ads in front of massive amounts of viewers.

A) Yes, advertising online e in situ It will become more important in front of television, appliance begins to disappear from some houses with young owners. It is expected that this trend is acknowledged as the years pass, but so far, TV is as viable as any other means to publicize news about our restaurant chain organized.

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