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Vending machines vegan food that you will see in the future


They belong to the company IeCupboard, has begun testing its broadcast stations mobile food in the city of San Francisco. This startup began his career by opening a vegan food stand last June. It was served delicious food herbal, that is to say, Vegetarian, in person, and always by an employee who offered the delicious menu accompanied by a smile.

If the simple fact that they open a Mobile station vegan food and is practically a special event, leCupboard customers could not imagine that the company would surprise them with a much more technologically advanced approach.

Access to healthy food anywhere

The plan is to expand the company with Mobile vending machines, and it will prove first placed in two locations yet to be determined, but surely they will be in San Francisco next month running.

To get a rough idea as possible, we see mobile vending machines leCupboard as we already know from Redbox, dedicated to movies and video games, which focused only vegetarian food these to, as well as a mobile version miniature eatsa. The latter group is indeed in the process of expanding its automatic restaurants and specialized in serving dishes quinoa through a locker system with touch screens.

It may in principle with the description presented eCupboard only sounds interesting for certain investors in Silicon Valley, since "startup specializing in technology and food"With a focus" land-software "are terms that seem too futuristic, but the truth is that The idea seems intriguing if they get it to work good.

The vending machine of the future

further, we are in a time when diners are very focused defendant menus and food food offers this style, as mobile vending machines leCupboards we can get, among other foods, flasks dessert pudding chia, salads lentils and zucchini noodles with nut pesto, all in boxes to take well-designed. 100% foodie, 100% healthy, absolutely current.

Founded by the Moroccan businesswoman Lamiaa Bounahmidi, leCupboard is the part of your company Looly, a corporation in the public benefit that has more of $2 million in funding depending on the platform of startups and investors AngelList.

What seems clear is that leCupboard is serving a social mission How is it “turn our food system”, objective which will also determine the location of these new mobile cabinets.

Enough that users can not access healthy foods, in such key places as hospitals, offices or study centers. Currently these places usually have machines all recommended health food, a rather illogical paradox. Something that looks like it's about to start changing.

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