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The best apps to connect your restaurant customers


The old custom of call for a reservation or presented to dinner at our favorite restaurants to see if we're lucky and we cater immediately is falling into disuse thanks to the emergence of startups in the catering sector.

And it is that new Internet companies have managed to grab a significant percentage of the intermediation tasks They carried out at a restaurant or catering business. On the way, They have become much more comfortable experience whose is it, to celebrate something special, decide to eat or dining out.

The restaurant experience no longer contemplates wait or queue

In the world we can find several examples that have managed to draw attention. One of them is Nowait, the application that allows diners in America no long queues are forced to wait to be met. Informs the user of the available restaurants in the area where it is located and, Once you have chosen, the reports the exact time when the table is available.

Another application with interesting features is Rockbot, a platform that has millions of songs and has the ability to detect the arrival of a particular customer to the local, I making music that sounds at that moment is one of the favorite newcomer. Arguably It is the triumph of culinary scanning environments.

And is that the marketing via Internet, and above all, using mobile devices, opens a veritable sea of ​​possibilities, as it offered TOO GOOD TO GO, a company that provides service in the UK and business becomes solidarity idea of ​​trying to gouge our planet as little as possible. A clear example of the advantages of the fast digital processing in which we are immersed.

A good way to do this is to use all existing food, without pulling the leftovers fit for consumption. Through this app is offering quality food to reduced price. The buyer acquires quality food for a small fee and restaurants get a few extra profit.

As interesting as the above it is Servy, an application of remarkable success in New York and in which enrollees made constant comments valuing the service offered by restaurants. Sometimes, the reviews are very good, although there are others in which diners colors draw those responsible for certain premises. A circumstance that ends up being positive, as it It aims to improve service from those restaurants.

Marketing: apps the Spanish

These apps seek us unforgettable experiences and not only found in the world, Also in Spain.

As Mr Noow, the application by that We can apply table and send to the kitchen immediately and through mobile, dishes and drinks you want to take. Through app You can also ask for the bill and pay.

also highlights 10Restaurants, an application that find the perfect restaurant for any group celebration or event (business scene, wedding, christenings, communions, birthday, etc.). The client indicates what you need and restaurants are in a conversational environment offer different proposals that fit your needs, easy, Fast and free. More of 2.000 restaurants and use, and in the last year they have published more than 20.000 events.

highlight Glovo, Available in Madrid and Barcelona during 24 hours of the day. With this app It is requested and paid via mobile and delivery is done in a few minutes. further, It allows you to buy clothes, pharmacy products and, Of course, Also delicious dishes.

We ended up with ClubKviar, a private club that selects the best restaurants in each city and allows them to book a table through a booking system with concierge. By this method is achieved discounts up 30%.

This application presents the particularity that, to be part of this club is necessary to receive an invitation from one of its members. Who does not know anyone can apply for inclusion on the waiting list for access within a reasonable time those restaurants exclusives.

Therefore opportunities for hotel and catering business grow every day thanks to new technologies, and more and more the possibilities they offer to the sector. Why restaurants should know and use those that actually create value for your business.

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