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The best tools for your restaurant serve food at home


There is no doubt that the business adapt restaurants to new technologies it has become a priority for the sector. So we must seize every chance that these advances offer us develop better marketing strategies. Especially if we use the new tools related hostelry that have emerged and offer added value services so useful for customers like to do requests directly from their mobile.

We will conduct a review of the most interesting in the United States and Spain, so that those notes most interesting ideas for your business and begins to reflect on the possibilities they offer.

6 tools to star in the US to order the mobile to a restaurant

Catering for businesses who do not want to use new channels, ChowNow It is a tool that It allows integration on the website of the restaurant itself, in your app or directly on your Facebook page.

Controlling distribution areas, make menus, add special dishes, etc., are some of the options offered.

A similar example is found in another tool Zuppler, which is also integrated into the website of the restaurant, in your mobile application, or in their social networks. We have to up the list of dishes you want, and the tool allows us to create menus, and even make promotions or discount codes.

When customers orders from their mobile, the restaurant is warned by the chosen alert, either via e-mail, web or fax.

The third is Square Order, and it is somewhat different from the previous two, because even allows restaurant patrons make their Order by phone, It is not based on receiving food delivery, but in order to consume prepared in the restaurant itself.

This application allows you to order “before arriving” to the restaurant or any other business related to the hospitality industry. For example, a customer can buy a coffee from your mobile phone, for later, when you get to the cafeteria, payment is done and just have to sit quietly take their drinking without queues or waiting.

The fourth example is eHungry, quick and easy option for restaurants accept orders online and they can charge by credit card or Paypal.

The service It is to create a basic website with a custom header, within the domain itself of eHungry, and show the menu that restaurants want. A simple and brilliant idea, it also adapts to all devices and allows orders from any smartphone.

Splick-it It would be a different case, here it is mainly committed to the use of mobile applications, whether the platform itself Splick-it or based on who already has the restaurant. Only you should your application integrate you order service and the payment process.

Although there is also the option of placing their services on a web page design responsive rather than in an application, the overall operation would not change. Allowed to buy takeaways, receive home, or as in the previous case, advance payment as a reserve to go after eating at the restaurant chosen.

Grubःub is one of the main tools that restaurants US used to manage orders that make customers via mobile . In principle it is not done from your website or your own application, but from a marketplace of own GrubHub.

In this "market" have already ready to restaurants that adhere to its services and displays in their search results establishments closest to the location of each client.

Tools to deliver orders online in restaurants in Spain

In Spain, GrubHub model is perhaps the most widely used by many of the restaurants or catering establishments rushing into increase services taking orders placed by Internet. Thus, one of the tools best known, and is better functioning, for both businesses and customers, is Just-Eat.es. It is also important to use LaNeveraRoja.com, recently acquired by the group Just Eat.

If we are users interested in ordering food at home or buy to pick it up later, They show us as a marketplace, all establishments near our zip code, our city, or to the exact address you indicate, as well as allowing all types of payments: from tickets restaurant, until of course credit card or Paypal.

A restaurants, they offer the possibility to integrate into its platform its logo, Headboard, menus and special dishes, to start getting requests from the mobile its customers.

As you can see, technological advances have put us on a platter the possibility of receiving mobile ordering at our restaurant.

A new digital marketing action that can not miss as order food at home do nothing but grow, and we are in the perfect moment to jump and start offering this service to our customers.

About the Author

Article by the editorial team of DiegoCoquillat.com. It has professionals both in the field of hospitality, gastronomy and tourism, and new technologies and innovation.



  1. Hi Diego,
    First Congratulations on your blog
    I have a local takeaway and home, now only accept orders by phone, our customers choose what they want on our website and call us.
    We are looking at the possibility of integrating our online web orders and card payments, seeing commissions justeat type sites we seem very high and our orders are high-priced and we already have our own clientele, I understand that a new place opt for these solutions as they create new customers and take advantage of the publicity that these pages provide but it is not our case. What we want is that our customers puedad order online and pay by card without lose a percentage of the order, a fixed fee would see with better eyes.
    Option would you choose for what we said?
    Greetings and thanks in advance

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