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Best practices for managing the reputation of a restaurant TripAdvisor


In the last times, inflow of customers in establishments such as restaurants has soared, Y the first “digiport” these have gone through, almost always the same, TripAdvisor.

This social network for the tertiary sector, It has boosted the economy of the restoration of an exponentially, and has made through the mechanism of reviews not only know the places where you eat better but also, where the service is professional and the atmosphere more pleasant, according to the opinions of users.

Before talking about keys to improve on TripAdvisor Two things must be asked, What does it mean for me, and how I want to help my business?

It is true that many businesses do not need this social network, What else get valuations if you have a showy Local, in a good location and is always full? The first thing that asked is how it can help your restaurant or business. For example, a place with exceptional food can go very badly and yet a restaurant with food "heap" can leave greatly strengthened.

TripAdvisor You can boost or make your mark plummet

Do not forget that at the end of the day, It is a marketing tool, one of the most powerful in the sector Horeca, yes. This tool needs to be monitored and focused with head. Why? because most useful is the ability to change the occupation of your business overnight; and must be prepared, why You can boost or make your mark plummet.

And never forget that TripAdvisor is a social network that deals, so to speak, to tell the rest how the quality of your business. But also must take into account the user profile. It is often used by people who are passing and most of them foreign.

A practice that is fashionable is offering free products in exchange for reviews as desserts, incoming, drinks ... that's your thing, We are of the view that it is better to treat your customers well and happy are going to bribe them to get reviews, Better not violate rules Tripadvisor!

What are the key then? We have identified three basic keys applicable to any restaurant to improve ranking position this social network:

Keys to improve the position of your restaurant on TripAdvisor

1.- The product quality

The quality of your product is indispensable, TripAdvisor gives the alarm to the world and tells them how your restaurant serving excellent lasagna or your bar Margaritas are that you die. It has been shown that product quality and generates recurrence loyalty for customers Who does not like to eat a good well-prepared raw material?

2.- The quality of service

We all know that it is important to provide excellent service, Nobody wants a grouchy waiter, but starting from there, What else is needed? It is important to abide by the "less is more". If your home does not have an unlimited capacity, atendéis until some time and have a specific number of tables, care of your customers with TripAdvisor will be the best weapon for your future. It is preferable to have a full restaurant every day a day popping box but generate a flood of terrible reviews.

3.- Management reviews

And speaking of reviews, should always answer the bad reviews. It is best to answer all, but if not abarcas is the best answer to bad naturally and education, cabrearse is useless because your reply also see everyone, the rule of "the customer is always right" is your best partner for manage reviews.

TripAdvisor and online reputation management for restaurants

Conclusion, we see how in the sector hospitality, in which an intense process of digital transformation is live, HE They are creating new jobs in the digital domain management for owners and managers of restaurants, Among them is the care and control of online reputation, mainly through a tool much impact on customer acquisition and retention as TripAdvisor.

This website or social network has become a perfect thermometer for many customers, especially when they are visiting cities or unfamiliar countries, which they measure the appropriateness of choosing a restaurant over another in its phase of inspiration. But also, in the sector, is generating much controversy the enormous power they have “anonymous” with their comments through such platforms. It seems that the debate is served.

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