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The best social networks for restaurants


Countless social networks there, every day there are new and update existing. Possibly finish reading this post there is a new social network somewhere Internet.

My recommendation is that you do not want to be in all, It is a common mistake early, select two or three, learn the operation and position yourself well in them, giving quality content and added value.

Social Networks and Restaurants

Not all restaurants use the same social networks, some prefer a Facebook page, others a blog, others a video page on Youtube, etc. You'll have to adapt your social networks choosing your targets, customer type, market and competition.

Most social networks have interesting elements SMR(Social Media Restauranting). I made a selection of which in my opinion would be the most effective :

Large Social Networks : They allow us to socialize and create a community of followers Restaurant, can share content and interests with them many topics. The most prominent are:


Google+ (If you can not generate pages Company, but this utility is expected shortly)

Blogs : I believe in social networks, since it is possible to interact with readers through comments. Allow restaurants who want to communicate anything, creating a new dish, a special promotion, an event, a specific opinion on a topic, etc. Also they improve significantly the restaurant positioning in major search engines and you positioned in the industry as an expert. The three most widely used platforms are :


Blogger (soon it is called Google Blogs)


Micro-blogging : They are a type of blogs, which allows the restaurant to send a more direct and concrete message to his followers, settling down conversations through the responses can be generated. The subject is usually much wider than blogs. The most popular is undoubtedly:


Multimedia : While it is true that you can share media files on almost all social networks, there are special platforms pictures and videos, allowing the restaurant to share these files with your followers. The most used are :

for videos :



for pictures :


Picasa (soon it is called Google Photos)


Networking : They are those that allow you to connect and exchange information between professionals. It is about connecting with other professionals and thus get new connections through them, and therefore new opportunities. The best known are:



Bookmarks : The goal of these social networks is to share content that you consider useful, adding it to your bookmarks and so you inform your followers interested and you may also be interested in them. The most prominent are:



sectoral social networks : They are those that are specific to a sector, In this case restaurants. Most agencies act as entertainment, getting diners to the restaurant, but allow customers to share their information through other social networks, mainly facebook and twitter, and add comments of your experience in the restaurant, therefore we owe to take into account within this classification. The most popular are :








Throughout this blog I will be commenting on all these networks, and new that may arise, carefully analyzing all the characteristics of each of them and the benefits they have for their use restaurant.

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