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Minorities are important in restaurants


In the last article I published in the year 2011 title “10 Key in restaurants for 2012“, highlighted in paragraph number 10 the importance that minorities will have in the restaurant industry this year we.

It is an observable reality that increasingly restaurants around the world They are becoming aware that there are groups of customers who for various reasons have gastronomic peculiarities that differentiates them from the rest or limit.

Many are adjusting their cards and menus for guests suffering from allergies or rejections different foods containing gluten, lactose, The soy nuts.

The restaurants cater to the needs of customers

Others are providing the necessary information carbohydrates that have their dishes for diabetics customers can enjoy gastronomy relax.

There is an increasingly favor implanted in restaurants accessibility to customers who have a disability or handicap awareness.

Definitely, the society in which we live is demanding an adaptation so that these customers can enjoy any service or product TOTAL NORMAL, and this message have collected many restaurants are getting their customers to enjoy like others.

I would add a detail from my personal experience and relationships with many restaurants have noted, and is the tremendous loyalty that these customers have restaurants that perform this adaptation process, also they are become evangelizers or as I call the SMR (Social Media Restauranting), become Super-Customers, as they transmit their experience to the whole community getting the restaurant loyal by many clients who come to enjoy normal and of course, gastronomy.

I want to finish this post with a video of a South African restaurant called Winpy that really looks amazing and reaffirms the message that we all have the same right to enjoy the gastronomy and restaurants and under the same conditions…everybody!

Si quieres conocer el restaurante Winpy pincha en la siguiente imagen :

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