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Pinterest developments affecting restaurants


We know that Pinterest It is not the changing social network, It is a platform that works to fund their tools and measures thoroughly the consequences of their actions before implementing them, even those not active for all users.

Its basic objective is to make your site friendly to them; and once achieved, It strives to show routes to companies that want to use the platform.

Options does not stitch cordless

For this reason, and because there were no significant changes that would affect restaurants we could count, A few months ago we decided to stop on Pinterest speak in this digital newspaper. Previously, we had already laid a sufficient basis to establish good marketing strategies. We also began to give hints about marketing influence and how restaurants could make a profit his collaborations with these influencers. But always with a commitment to return and resume Pinterest, when new worthwhile.

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And so it has happened, Pinterest few months ago began to gradually introduce a new global modification. Neither more nor less than the ability to create sub-boards inside the boards themselves, increasing the usability of them and thus making them more attractive to users (and therefore more useful for businesses).

New on Pinterest and boards

Creating subgrids on Pinterest

The creation process is really simple the subgrids: create a name, for example, “chocolate”, a description like "Here we'll show you the most delicious combinations of chocolate you can taste in our fondues", and whether it is. And from that moment on You can post photos in the subtablero, recipes or claims that you seem suitable to attract customers.

Of course the pins that were already published before the creation of the sub board can move within it; and this is precisely the biggest drawback of the new method, and is that the change must be done manually, one by one.

Nevertheless, as the average of pins has a restaurant within each board usually does not exceed 20 O 25 pines, not involve more than just many minutes of dedication, Just a while to social networks who manage Restaurant.

On the other side of the balance, against this loss 20 O 25 minutes (or one or two hours, if the profiles are highly developed), we have to put our client, idiosyncrasy, their needs and requirements:

  • The current client wants not only good service, He wants an experience each time when it relates to the restaurant
  • This Customer (which we call "empowered") You want to get information you are looking for quickly and easily, "In the palm of your hand".
  • The vast majority of customers are in social networks. And they want, obviously, this experience is also extended to them.
  • Some, not all, but some of the most demanding, of those exploring restaurants online before going to them in person, of recommending among groups of friends and pull them to go to restaurants to demonstrate their "good eye" and his excellent judgment, They are in options.

Pinterest as a valuable digital door into your restaurant

Is it worth or not worth having updated profiles, well specified and ordered, so that they feel empowered customers the urge to go try the excellences Restaurant?

And once past the door restaurant, and it is another matter. Even without forgetting the importance there are also social networks, the cards that the establishment will have to play are many more and very powerful.

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