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The new technologies, serving healthy eating


BitBite It is a new device that allows follow diet being carried out at that time to introduce new habits healthy living.

Its creators have launched a campaign to raise funds in Indiegogo, since they require a 60.000 Dollars (They have already achieved near 90.000) to start manufacturing and marketing of this small device, an example of how new technologies can influence when eating a healthy diet.

The new technologies, now helping us to care for our health

BitBite is a small handset aluminum and plastic automatically registers the diet takes. Through the microphone and sensors with embedded, BitBite captures the sound of chewing User.

Depending on the speed and time that person pass munching, the apparatus creates a series of parameters used to determine if they are carrying healthy eating.

Once these data have been processed, BitBite bluetooth sends data to an application that will be available on mobile phones and computers. Such information includes a number of suggestions aimed at implementing healthy habits the user, ranging from care oriented practice both sports as weight loss diet.

Undoubtedly, he device will allow to be aware of whether the power is actually healthy. BitBite record the amount, the frequency, the speed and the places where you eat. Among the advice given, This device will indicate if users need better chew food, If you must do so in a less compulsively to digest better and if lunch or picnicking conditions.

The aim is to implement healthy habits without having to plan the dishes to be eating every day. This device, helped sensors, It will handle it to retell calories, vitamins and minerals ingested.

Depending on the frequency with which schedule, BitBite launch a series of user tips to improve your diet. To this must be added the possibility to make and receive phone calls, because it has the functionality of headphone and microphone, like a hands-free.

Ittai Granite, CEO BitBite, He was very satisfied with the work done so far. “We are proud to present publicly the automatic recording of diet BitBite. This is a device that decisively influence when setting a healthy diet”, Indian.

In this sense, Granite noted that BitBite It will be an important weapon "obesity”.It is the first of its kind. Use a healthier patent-pending technology that puts control back into the hands of those who really want to lead a life”, CEO added BitBite.

More of 700 million obese worldwide

BitBite comes to combat the worrying statistics cited by the World Health Organization (WHO), indicating that 2,3 million people have joined the more than 700 million obese adults there worldwide.

The only ways to combat this epidemic go through control diet and overall health, avoiding the intake of products that can also affect the cardiovascular system, and exercise training.

In this sense, BitBite comes to nurturing and supporting these two tasks by recording all user's eating habits and then analyze and create new habits oriented to follow a healthier lifestyle.

Other healthy wearables

BitBite case is not the only. There are other wearables they also serve to improve eating habits. For example, there are different wrist bands. They are not smart watches (smartwatches), but small bracelets, much lighter, economic and more autonomy, that record the activity that makes day to day.

One of them produced by the company Garmin under the name of Vivosmart Control. It has a small OLED screen on which all types of notifications are displayed: call, post, messages ... But the feature that draws more attention when changing any diet or habit passes control carrying physical activity.

Registers the distance, calories burned and steps to achieve the goals that have been programmed. To this we must add other sensors to the heart and cycling, completing the analysis of the physical state of the person using it.

Pivotal Living also manufactures a band for fitness interesting and very economical that calculates steps, calories burned and sleep quality, essential to keep a healthy lifestyle. Through the small screen you can check the nutrition and hydration.

As we can observe, Technology is also at the service of health, and at a time which all that is “healthy” It is fashion, We can not miss these advances to improve our physical condition, our health, etc…

And you, Have you used any of these wearables and? What are you waiting for?

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