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Online restaurant reservation platforms adapt to the coronavirus crisis


Restaurants struggling to stay afloat after the hard hit of the pandemic SARS-2 they are forced to take drastic measures to keep the business open. Some of these measures respond to changes in the consumption habits of potential customers.

The client has neglected banalities when reserving a table in a restaurant, Now his absolute priority is to be able to continue enjoying a certain normality at the same time that he lives with a virus for which we have no cure., nor do we foresee having it soon, so the smartest and most cautious position is to constantly minimize risks.

Online restaurant booking agencies have also noticed changes in the behavior of diners and therefore they have been quick to adapt to the new demands of users..

Spurred on by the regulations promoted by the administration of the different countries, now many of these apps mobiles allow control in detail the capacity of each premises and the reserved spaces beyond the table. One of the novelties in the new reservation systems is the possibility of requesting time to have availability in the bars of the bars.

In this way it is possible to respect social distancing, so important to combat the virus that causes COVID19, at the same time that the occupation of the restaurant is maximized. In a way, the possibility of reserving space at the bar counter has given this part of the premises a certain exclusivity and glamor that it did not previously enjoy.

in EE. UU., depending on the state where the restaurant is located, the capacity is more or less limited. With a very asymmetric virus proliferation, the most hit areas currently use one of the two possible strategies: quarantine or the search for herd immunity. Where confinement is imposed, it is not uncommon for the capacity of the catering business to be stipulated below the 50% of your total, all for the sake of getting enough personal space around each client so that the coronavirus cannot transmit.

Just this detailed information on the capacity is one of the most sought after data by customers who want to eat out.. And that is why restaurants are providing this data through their profiles on reservation management websites., in review aggregators, on their social media profiles and on as many portals as possible. To send this information to potential visitors is to give them a breath of security that, nowadays, she is very grateful. In addition to alleviating the concerns that overcrowding may raise, Some businesses in the industry have taken this proactive data delivery a step further and offer real-time traceability and detailed explanations of the anti-COVID19 protocols in force in the establishment.

Precisely the most transparent venues are experiencing the greatest growth in visitor traffic in recent weeks, as expected.

However, in an interconnected world like ours in which transoceanic travel is the order of the day, social distancing may not be enough to ensure that no outbreaks arise or even the situation degenerates into a second wave. Businessmen and citizens understand that this is not at all a desirable situation and that is why the most disparate sectors are fighting to make the controls over who has access to certain places more stringent.

The debate on international air travel is currently focused on medical certificates with PCR tests., and analogously, In the restaurant world, there is a debate about whether consumers should have a health check-up before allowing them to enjoy their reservations..

We are not talking in this case about blood tests, genetic tests or temperature tests with sensors of doubtful reliability. We refer to the Surveys that are being proposed as an option in the United States through reservation management services.

Losers, for example, has implemented a messaging system that allows restaurants to ask customers directly about their health. It is not an infallible method and the diner does not have to answer (you can avail yourself of your right to medical privacy), however it has a clear deterrent effect about those inconsiderate people who, even knowing that they have any symptoms compatible with COVID19, they ignore the recommendations of public health organizations and visit leisure areas where they can endanger health, and even life, of others.

This same system allows send information about the protocols and special measures with which the visitor must be familiar before entering the restaurant: you wait before disinfecting the tables, existence or not of separation screens between the companions sitting at the same table, distances to respect when dealing with staff, etc. And since these details change depending on each business, messaging is the best way to communicate what you need to know beforehand when you are going to eat out.

Other services have completely left the interviews in the hands of restaurateurs, ignoring their responsibilities and delegating them. It is the case Tock, where they have rejected to include this functionality in their app mobile.

What is clear is that after having managed to flatten the contagion curve, the values ​​that determine how, when and why a client reserves a table (or space) in a restaurant they have changed, and therefore they must also change the strategies of the restauradores to respond to the new needs and concerns that have arisen. Only in this way will restaurants get ahead in these times when the volume of reservations arriving digitally represents an important percentage of the total business.

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  1. Dafne Tejada on

    Good evening! I have been a regular reader for more than 8 years, I believe… Lately I am surprised when I read reports that are mostly referenced and examples of US hospitality are given.… As a restaurant owner I would like to find more information about native cases… Thank you.

    • Thank you very much Dafne for your comment., I assure you that we will take it into account. As you know today is very monopolized by Covid19, and we try to give a global vision of initiatives and innovations that happen in other parts of the world, and without a doubt the USA is the leader in this aspect. Thank you very much for being such a faithful reader., it is a great pleasure to hear you and we will take your opinion into account.

  2. Hello good day,my restaurant is in Toledo capital,but I am very concerned that there are many,apartments that are unregulated. I have reported tourism to the hospitality association and they do not give any solution. Because I strictly comply with the established protocols. But these diners are not sanitary controlled,and they can pose a great risk to our health and that of other diners. In any case, restaurants are where fewer cases of contagion are occurring.?

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