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Polemics potatoes # a50céntimos Burger King ravaging on Facebook


Chips. Few are those who resist this temptation. And Burger King knows. Promotion of potatoes # a50céntimos is triumphing in the social network of Zuckerberg. During the last week, He has reached the almost 5 thousand likes and is the most watched and shared between publications of chain restaurants on the Net.

However, And despite the barrage of likes, # 50 potatoes are generating a intense debate for its quality and quantity, as it demonstrated by the comments that have left fans on Facebook. Some, very critical of. Others, Nevertheless, They are delighted with the product. There are opinions for all tastes and here I share some examples:

Despite criticism that many have expressed, he community manager of Burger King has not hesitated in responding to try to reverse the feelings of many followers and customers for their negative experiences in different places in the Spanish geography. In our opinion, an example of how to respond to negative comments…and positive.

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