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The main strategies to enhance the benefits of a restaurant in the opinion of 260 experts


A no restorer will miss the numbers obtained in the survey conducted by the TD Bank Most Convenient Bank of America 260 professionals, attendees Development Conference and finance restoration which it was held in Las Vegas last year.

According to this research, the main fronts of action for improve profits in restaurants during 2018 son:

  • A 70% It intends to expand its business operations to new locations and increase its store network.
  • A 59% participants intended to have an integration plan food orders online for digital devices or develop a Mobile app for restaurants.
  • A 56% invest in developing trading strategies that connect with the generation Z (those young people born since the last five years of the last century).
  • A 55% will enhance the loyalty programs themselves through POS terminals and collaborations with specialized companies, or enter into relationships with other restaurants through networks of rewards.
  • A 54% will study thoroughly their menus to detect inefficiencies, maintain relevance in the sector, improve profits in the restaurant by using tests A / B and retain regular customers.
  • A 47% will emphasize serve and serve order food online, counting with their own equipment or services sharing companies like justeat, UberEat y Deliveroo.

In general, great interest is sensed by the implementation of new technologies. And it is that one of the best business strategies for restaurants is appeal to interest millenials, one of the demographics that leave more money in restaurants today.

For professionals it is clear that many of the digital developments are motivated by this social segment. The spokesperson franchise funding restoration TD Bank, Mark Wasilefsky, as an example to improve profits in restaurants mobile applications: "Besides the benefits in back-end, the apps phones provide an opportunity for restaurants to communicate with customers in new ways offering personalized services and incentives They are providing a experience adapted and spur much-needed recurring revenue».

They are not the only advantages of a Mobile app for restaurants. Among other, be highlighted:

  • The ability to reach new customers, delving into unexplored niches and expand activities to inescrutadas clienteles.
  • The delegation of tasks in companies outside professionals making unnecessary hiring new staff; with the consequent economic savings and simplification of accounting this entails.
  • Concentration of effort inherent in those activities of the restaurant are truly add value: preparation, cooking and food service.

On the other hand, 2018 It is not free concerns for professionals. The increasingly urgent need for claims to attract millenials (a 25% of the population with high purchasing power), join the changes in health policies, in the requirements health (Measures against obesity, restrictions on drinking age, food contraindicated for certain groups ...) and even the paradigm current immigration.

As in nature, the adaptability will flourish restoration business during this 2018.

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Article by the editorial team of DiegoCoquillat.com. It has professionals both in the field of hospitality, gastronomy and tourism, and new technologies and innovation.


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