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The main reasons why a restaurant must professionally manage their social networks


This post is dedicated to all those who say: "My little cousin or my brother knows –that the Facebook- ", or the typical thinking: "Social networks can be either". It is very important to know The importance of social networks and its true scope, if you have done professionally.

For example, there is a very large percentage of traders who do not know your business page Facebook, also called Fanpage is a profile of Facebook. This social network has 3 types of pages, the business, personal profiles and groups. Because, it is vitally important that every business has its fanpage.

Otherwise, not have access to statistics Facebook (they are for free!), so you never know what kind of public is our business nor can we segmenting, nor do contests to get more followers and retain those we already have.

Today we explain the real significance of social media in your restaurant. further, we will highlight 5 of the many reasons why your business should be present in social networks.

5 reasons to bring professional management of your social networks

  1. Most of your customers are in them

Yes, It is obvious, but no one thinks about it. Most want to be present on social networks by the mythical "ass I see, I want ass ". Enter any restaurant, what you'll find is talking about clients WhatsApp and others taking pictures of their food to share their profiles with their respective followers

Still you have doubts about where your audience? Do you realize how easy it would be to in your establishment a hashtag and encourage your customers to upload photos in exchange for a dessert or a small detail? They are small gestures that make your business look worldwide. further, the best advertising in the world is a satisfied customer, so ... Hands!

  1. They approach you and let you listen to your fans

Before, communication was unidirectional. Creative filled with "pride and satisfaction" with TV commercials, radio and magazines because it was difficult to measure the results and much less the opinion of its customers. You had to order expensive studies to find out what was going on in your business.

That has changed, for good. Now, thanks to comments on social networks you can find out what failed or what your audience likes and enhance it. You can also know the profile of your followers (sex, age, where they live, interests, hobbies ...) Why do we want this? To do Segmented for your products or services campaigns to reach your target audience.

further, Thanks to social networks you can create a community around your business. When that happens, You're in luck because he 70% the content of your clients create value what with photos, comments, videos and memes.

  1. They are perfect to engage your community

If a customer goes to your facility one day, the next and so every week ... Would not you be willing to have a detail with that customer? The same applies in social networks. For example, Head over profiles Telepizza and Papa John's, usually they give away pizzas every week and generate hundreds of comments. How these businesses supposed to give a pizza? Nothing, compared to the noise they make in their networks.

Easy, ¿no? further, when someone touches something for free, she tells even the neighbor of the fifth. He is happy and has left him free, so we are. Strategies do not have to be complicated. They can be simple and bear fruit.

  1. They'll discover who your audience, and take advantage of it

This is one of the most important points, and one of the main not leave your business in the hands of that smartass brother or nephew who is good at what social networks, they are often referred to as Manager Sobrinity the Cuñadity Manager and are not a nothing recommendable option, even to begin.

And this social networking is not just about upload photos to Facebook, Twitter, etc. It's going to think a strategy, create a related content to your goals and, Most important of all, measure your results. What are you going to raise your networks publications you do not know whether they worked or not? Would you still offering a stew that you have said you have too much garlic or'd try improve?

This will the social media; create, share, wrong and start again. Both Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have free tools to know how you're doing on social networks, use them to know how to evolve your business.

  1. Its cost is affordable

Many people want to be in social networks because they are free. The cost of having a good campaign is affordable. Think a few years ago had to wallpapering half the city with ads for you from recognizing and relying on word of mouth. Now, Our recommendation would be invest a small amount to be getting followers, can be made through such contests "Follow and Get X" or simply advertise your business with a campaign to generate buzz.

You can also dip influencers. There are many resources that can count and very large results.

The advantages of having your business on social networks gastronomy are spacious, but if yours are the kitchens and, you want someone professionally dedicated to your network, no problem. In Aplus gastromarketing we can create a social networking strategy according to the needs of your business. We also offer consultancy, We do events and manage FACYRE, Federation of Chefs and Confectioners of Spain, special actions in HORECA channel and everything that has to do with the love of food.

Y, If you want to be informed of the latest gastromarketing you can visit our fanpage de Aplus Gastromarketing de Facebook, in our perfil Twitter and also in Instagram. We speak?

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About the Author

Considered one of the most influential gastronomic marketing professionals in Spain, Diego Olmedilla is president of Aplus Gastromarketing, Director General of Facyre and has been Director of Marketing for Active FEHR, the marketing division of the Spanish Federation of Hotels and Restaurants.


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