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The main trends in the sector HORECA you should know


If you look at the latest HORECA channel, some years the technology has begun to be applied in a manner consistent in the food sector and this is visibly manifested in a number of trends.

The most prominent user level has been the concept food delivery, But behind this there a series of innovations which they are being applied in industry, as are the Big Data, social wifi, el machine learning, virtual reality, websites or mobile.

The industry really has two legs, one is the inner part of the processes and the other part is focused on the user.

The first leg: Restaurant processes

For a successful hotel business a number of key elements are necessary; a good concept, a professionalized management and passion with a very human touch.

We must make a particular emphasis on the management side, you should be very professionalized and able to care for everything in detail. Definitely, we must control all aspects encompassing the restaurant constantly, setting parameters and key indicators.

Where we first made visible the emergence of technology in the sector is part of Front of the House, through RRSS, websites and reservation systems. Although there are also internal parts, as is the restaurant management, which are perhaps not as glamorous or not have as much visibility, but they are the key to a restaurant survive. Today you can see at all times and in real time how your sales are through your mobile, how they are working shifts your employees or if there have been any problems.

Old challenges the hospitality sector faces They are in the balance that must exist between the introduction of technology and management, independent of the size of business. Everything is question of adapting.

Today you can control up trash. Waste Managment with, or waste management, You can save up 1.500 per month, if you learn to manage it properly.

The second leg: the client

It is important to know your client well and put it in the center of your strategy. There is a phrase that defines very well: "You run the risk of falling in love more than your product, that your client ". If you are determined that your product is wonderful, but nobody really wants, you're lost.

It's not just putting a Community Manager, It is set formulas to meet, interact with it, know your preferences and be able to predict demand and anticipate their needs tools. Not only go behind the fashion, but anticipate, be flexible and adapt constantly preparing for.

For example, there is an app that allows order in advance and so have your food prepared before arriving. This allows a more satisfying experience, getting increase the number of tickets and probably the average ticket. Must know the and know how to use tools available, to encourage both parties. This does not mean that having an application, a website or a Facebook page are already digital, digitization has to be the DNA of the company, I go in parallel.

Another interesting thing is the Product Mix, you can go in analyzing as a customer makes a purchase, knowing that your letter products are sold more and give more leeway dishes. You can continue to adapt your letter to the tastes of consumers. Customization is definitely a trend you'll need to implement as soon as possible.

Big Data and scanning restaurants

He Big Data is a revolution that is changing the industry, but it is nothing if not become the data provided by you on relevant information for you and your business. To do this you have to get those insights of behavior that will allow you better understand your customer, adapt to your needs and tastes and even anticipate.

Regarding the Big Data is being spoken of predictive intelligence, it is to be able to better know your customer and their behavior, allowing take more effective action.

It is important to understand that digitization is not only have a FB page or app, really it has to be something transversal, help you be more efficient, to have the most orderly operations and improve your marketing and reputation. It needs to be addressed as part of the essence of your company, not overwhelmed and not do everything at once, but go slowly.

The best way is to choose several key indicators, start working with them and once controlled to add more to aid you in managing and increasing sales.

It is estimated that a restaurant can be 100 equipment, from coffee, fryer, refrigerators ... Any failure can lead to closure of the local and even a food safety problem. There will come a day when digitization devices allow you to be reminded of when you touch them, which will help calculate the Return of investment.

The key is to use these tools to not be intrusive and provide better customer experience. Must be found that balance between digitization and the human factor restaurant.

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