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The most common complaints online at restaurants and how to deal


Article sponsored by MissTipsi"Waiter, this soup is cold!"It may sound like a classic when someone complains in a restaurant, but the truth is that this type of complaint is not as common as we think.

The place Consumer Reports made an survey 1.003 people in America to learn what the most common complaints were visits to restaurants. The majority, a 76% exactly, They deal with dirt covered or poor quality of service, following them the poor condition of the toilets. Which concern the food is in fifth place.

All these complaints collected Restaurant protrude five, these being the most repeated the length and width Internet:

The most common complaints from customers in restaurants

  1. Complaints about service

It is the fault of the service or not, This is the main customer complaint: from a book that does not appear in the reservation book to the delay in serving dishes. Complaints how are you They leave their mark on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, in applications such TripAdvisor or on the same websites of restaurants. And we know that there is nothing worse than a customer who publicly expressed their rejection to service a restaurant.

The first thing you should do is transfer these complaints online to the world offline again. This will be achieved with messages like: “…Thank you for contacting us and we deeply feel that our service is disappointed. We will find the cause as soon as we can and we will contact you to give you an explanation of what happened…”

Once the client is quieter, is much easier to solve these criticisms from a personal level rather than in writing. In these cases the members of the restaurant should be empathetic, understand their emotions, sympathizing with them, trying to explain what happened and what steps have been taken to avoid reoccurrence.

  1. Complaints about the state of the food

In this sense, most of the reviews about the food usually occur for reasons such as the difference between photography and the actual menu dish, the food does not look fresh, drink has not been presented at the correct temperature, the dishes arrive at the table do not match those in charge, etc.

In any case, If a digital monitor is made and the complaint is detected at the same time, to resolve it can change the requested dish and provide an extra invitation to the already entrusted.

  1. Indigestion or poisoning

Although, It is in third place, a complaint like this It is highly dangerous for the image of the restaurant, in fact, minimal suspicion of poisoning or indigestion about an establishment, It has the ability impact on footfall. These types of complaints are delicate because, In most cases, you can not know the exact causes.

In any case, the desired response must be fully empathetic with the belief client, show due concern and state that have implemented the necessary measures to clarify the causes of this event.

  1. Complaints about the operating

At the given moment in which it formulate a complaint to the operational restaurant, the responsibility will rest with the management and organization, instead of service. For example, if not ahead of the possibility that a weekend can go more customers than expected, the lack of waiters can affect a number of complaints, etc.

The answer to such circumstances should be concise and express sincere self-criticism. In this sense, it is advisable to communicate that such complaints have helped improve the organization of the restaurant.

  1. Complaints about the idiosyncrasies of the site

The vast majority of complaints in this section can not be improved at the same time because they belong to natural or local qualities, as its location ("Too far from the center") or their environment ("too much noise"). In any case always We try to do everything possible to solve any problems that may embarrass our customer.

It is difficult to escape complaints, but we know how to deal

If complaints are made in reference to the structure ("Access to the toilets was very difficult"), it is also complicated solve them at that moment. Although, for example, Yes cleaning a complaint that could develop from the time a customer says the restaurant.

Nevertheless, other complaints also appear to be repairable, as improve attention to the diversity of the clientele ("I had no menu for celiacs"). To something, we recommend you get to know your restaurant menu to make a valid suggestion for this kind of diner.

But we must never forget that a customer complaint is the beginning of an opportunity for our restaurant a “manufactures of happy customers”.

About the Author

Article by the editorial team of DiegoCoquillat.com. It has professionals both in the field of hospitality, gastronomy and tourism, and new technologies and innovation.



  1. Regina Benites Morales on

    Thank you very much, the article is very interesting and in turn provides how to solve in the event that any of these situations occurs with a client. I loved!!! it has a clear language and easy to understand when reading. Congratulations!!!

  2. Thank you very much for the article, solves doubts for both hoteliers and diners.
    But I formulate them, a question, which is not within the points explained, in the presence of “neighbors” extremely noisy diners, To whom it corresponds, that the situation is controlled?. Recently, I had a rather uncomfortable and unpleasant experience, in a restaurant, that after half an hour of holding on, music with personal mobiles, Audible laughter and conversation throughout the restaurant room, I asked the waiter, please ask the noisy diners, turn down the volume a bit, after which said diners, they took pictures of my family(including minors), and before my direct claim to it, the dialogue started “intense”, for not calling it another way, what ended up ruining our evening, and we decided to leave the premises. I would appreciate your response. a greeting

    • Hello rosa, it is a complex issue that has much more to do with education and respect than anything else. Restaurant may warn noisy customers, but these should be the ones that limit their actions to avoid disturbing other customers. The day restaurants can rate customers on review portals, this will probably change. Thank you very much for your comment.

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