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Arguiñano recipes to recover from the excesses of Christmas


Karlos Arguiñano It is the king of the recipes in this country. Become a reference, from the web that offers content for followers of all his production programs Bainet Media hogarmania.com, He has left us no less than 8 recipes for soups and creams to recover from the excesses that bring the holidays.

In a few days when we all complain about binges and excesses we make at Christmas, what we need are content to help us get back to normal, Y recovering good manners.

How could it be otherwise, publication has a great impact on Twitter, where once again, we have seen the loyalty of his followers.

We leave the 8 Arguiñano Recipes to purify the body after the excesses of Christmas:

8 healthy recipes for soups and creams to return to normal after the holidays

1.- Tom yum goong, Thai soup with prawns

Typical soup with prawns Thai cuisine, mushrooms, broth citronella, lime leaves, fish sauce and coconut milk.

2.- Carrot and turmeric cream with crunchy biscuit

This dish is cooked based superfoods O superfoods as the cream of carrot are also known, Yucca, onion, ginger and turmeric accompanied crunchy cookie.

3.- Porrusalda de bacalao

Dish of desalted cod, leeks, potatoes, carrot, garlic and pumpkin

4.- Cream lentil curry

Ideal for children, It is served with puff pastry with cheese sticks

5.- Sweet potato cream with hiziki and cabbage roll

A good example of macrobiotic meal of cabbage, boniato, carrot and green beans, inter alia.

6.- macrobiotic gazpacho

Macrobiotic refreshing gazpacho with onions, beet and carrot and accompanies it with tempura vegetables prepared without gluten.

7.- Fish soup and vegetables

This dish is served with kale leaves, pressing carrot, cucumber and radishes, a macrobiotic and easy recipe to prepare.

8.- Miso soup with tofu and soba

Soba noodles served with, tofu, mushrooms, seaweed and vegetables, healthy recipe, macrobiotic cooking again.

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