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Most followed the recipes on Facebook this week


From this digital newspaper, each week we try to follow trends related to the world of restaurants and cuisine that move through the network. We analyze what happens in each social network, from different points of view: from the chefs, the brands and chain restaurants, small business owners and entrepreneurs in the sector, etc.

Weekly, we find different protagonists at the top of the different classifications. Most followed, whose contents are the shared, etc. Javier Romero, It is a common of these classifications, usually in the top positions. And it is that this popular chef, It is a pure Internet. It has never been at the forefront of any trendy restaurant, his followers are 100% digital and definitely found the key to please everyone, especially since his Facebook page Family kitchen with Javier Romero.

Their recipes are followed every day by millions of people. Until, Facebook posts this week that most successful, They correspond completely to him. Since last weekend and earlier this, Javier Romero has uploaded a series of recipes to your website, which has been a complete success as posts on its Facebook page .

Because, we leave here with the top five this week. We hope you enjoy them:

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