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Social networks encourage the 45% customers to try new restaurants


The agency of marketing for restaurants MGH, recognized worldwide for having created successful advertising campaigns for brands first order of restoration sector Round Table Pizza, Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls, Great American Cookies, Hot Dog on a Stick, Marble Slab Creamery O Pretzelmaker; He published in the second quarter of this year results of a survey that identified several important metrics for restaurateurs and marketing experts who want to enhance catering establishments that manage through social networks.

For the study responsible for MGH, based in EE. UU., they went to 1069 adult US citizens. All participants share a common feature: regularly they are eating out or takeaways asked. With this number of respondents, extracted statistics are very robust, placing a confidence interval 95%. The data, Besides, They ensure that the margin of error of these numbers is always less than 3%, a scale negligible when assessing consumer trends and changes in socioeconomic and purchasing behavior of consumers.

The most enlightening conclusion of this research is the positive effect of social networks when to publicize the restaurants available in a given area. Currently Facebook, Instagram y Twitter move together several billion people, So it is not surprising that he 45% consumers opt for trying a new local restaurant after seeing snapshots of dishes, the letter, the physical location or environment in frequenting social networks.

This number again highlight the importance of this type of advertising online for restaurateurs. It's more, MGH although the study was not secreted by demographics, it is logical that use similar methodologies when promoting a business result most effective if possible when the establishment is located in a big city or where the clientele is predominantly young local.

Of course, expressed photographs on social networks are not free from dangers. Just as it can serve as a strategy marketing for restaurants valid, be careful what you share. Each profile snapshot that comes to our social networks must be taken with care, edited and published if appropriate with a clear intention.

The same study says that nearly half of US consumers are encouraged to leave their comfort zone thanks to social networks, as far as restaurants are concerned usual, also indicates that a 21% of respondents negatively interpret Posts, then having a deterrent notable.

In any case, it seems that a responsible use of social networks by managers of restaurants and bars in question has predominantly positive consequences. In addition to expand local potential customers reaching a new audience, restorers also be loyalty newcomers thanks to its posts. A 22% of respondents MGH survey ensured that corporate entries on social networking sites encouraged them to return several times.

Remember that 2019 The customer loyalty is one of the most discussed and pursued macro trends when improving the performance of restaurants, with brands like Starbucks Y McDonald’s marking the way forward.

The study results further deepen the use of social networks as a tool marketing for restaurants and as platform from which to launch promotions and advertising online at low cost. Among the most important points that support this thesis are:

  • He 42% US diners. THE. They would interact with business renovation in social networks. Two thirds of this group of people have a high probability to reserve a table or order takeaway. Social networks serve to boost the volume of business and contact customer oriented sales potential.
  • A 36% US diners. THE. They follow their favorite restaurants in social networks. The people who do it is interested in receiving updates to help you decide whether you will eat or ask there on a given occasion.
  • He 89% diners in the US. THE. They have a profile on a social network. Social networks are postulated as an optimum front to dominate restaurant marketing efforts or brand catering. It is vitally important to have presence online on platforms with the largest users, as well as those with strong growth (If Instagram, which it is currently highly recommended to be).
  • Of those diners who have an account at the social networks considered, seven out of ten accessed more than once a day to check your notifications. It is so evident publish several daily entries not only serves to target users with different schedules, but also strengthens the digital presence of these regular Internet users face.
  • Finally, he 13% of respondents they indicated that some misguided acquired images can confirm bias or negative experiences suffered in its first pass through a local, so that they are not convinced revisit in the future.

The information contained in the study of MGH, based on more than a thousand people in US. THE. who gave their answers in February this year, reconfirms once again the importance of social networks for restorative. However, these platforms can become of great help does not mean that other tools to be used properly to get the desired result. When we talk about advertising online Through social networks, it is always necessary to consider in detail the consequences of our efforts, or leave the task to a specialized marketing specialist in this type of LIDES.

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