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Social networks like shuttle gastronomic congress


Each year the sector of gastronomy red a series of dates: Madrid Fusion (late January), San Sebastián Gastronomika (beginning of October), Gastronomic Forum (Girona and Coruña) O food (the years held). In these gastronomic congress (We have named the main, but there are many more days) the most influential people in the world of hospitality come together, contando obviamente con cocineros, hoteliers and press.

That's why so are days when the proper use of social networks can be as Cape Canaveral for NASA, an ideal shuttle.

During those days, social networks and mobile fuming consume your battery to stratospheric levels, watching the famous portable chargers do wonders. In the field of RRSS, Pay special attention to Twitter and Instagram thanks to its instant character and greater interaction among attendees, who they see all day, their screens are filled notifications. To take advantage of this is necessary from a basic premise: Social networks differentiate the Exhibitor Visitor.

To communicate at live

the Coca-Cola formula is not discovered if it is said that the show where, who we are and what we are doing is the hook, the reason for the success of our beloved Facebook, Twitter e Instagram, and that's what should be done in a Congress, It is present in it or not. It should be exploited in those 3-4 days held, el mundo de la gastronomía y la hostelería se convierte en un hervidero de tuits, items posted, hashtags, etc… Se convierten en tendencia algunos hashtags as #SSG16 O #MFM16, que llegan a ponerse en la cabeza de la lista de trending topics.

Starting from the difference between Display and Visitor, communication event changes.

The exhibitor must play communicate what happens inside and outside your stand. As prepared in great detail every corner of the "minicasa" (The company information to transmit, placement of products to be exhibited, the selection and training of support staff ...), you need to sit before and see what messages they want to convey, how to differentiate del stand 54 it is for, analyze not only the presentations of chefs and journalists, but also think about those who come to cover these events to interact with them.

Definitely, make a good pre, intense and constant communication work during the Congress and post-event worked.

Communication within Congress must add the factor Public Relations. Great personalities, future chefs, customers and prospects will be in the Kursaal in San Sebastian or the Palacio de Congresos de Madrid, and in addition to face to face lifelong, Social networks can break down barriers and approach them to stand and "arising". But yes, we must not fall into the fan phenomenon, that is to say, atosigar visitors with photos and more photos.

Nunca debemos olvidar que a pesar de las risas y de las conversaciones afables que permite el mundo de la gastronomía, It is working.

As everything in life, the key is to differentiate

Work in the social networks of the Congress should not be subject to full improvisation, but must be the result of concienciada prepared a strategy and shows the best of the brand, also in the world online. Not enough simply to do well, también hay que comunicar ese trabajo bien hecho a través de todos canales de comunicación que sea posible. And networks are one of them, the potential audience they reach for ease and speed of use, thus resulting economic…

In preparation it is key to think how to stand out from other exhibitors and how it would be possible to draw visitors' attention to the papers and called market Congressi. An easy way and always brings good results are distinguished from the rest contest or sweepstakes.

With the ultimate goal of involving users, I could be getting multiply the awareness of our brand among his followers and among people who follow the official thread, based on how quickly it can viralizar a post or tweet by simple share O retweet.

Another way to to value the mark in relation to the rest Its the organizing an event of Congress itself. As if it were a matryoshka, fit what occurs in the stand with the day to day Congress is in itself a way to achieve differentiation to attract people to stand, interaction is promoted in the networks and thus, increase followers.

Achieve a balance between physical success (the stand is visited by many people, both quantitatively and qualitatively) and digital success (get what is done in the stand will be followed in networks) It is complex but very satisfactory. Be present in the Fair / Congress is important, but do they know even those who can not attend, it is even more. And all this can only be achieved by communicating, by Public Relations 2.0 and differentiating from other exhibitors and speakers.

About the Author

Journalist because of Julio Ruiz and Disco Grande de RNE3. After passing through cultural programs in Onda Madrid and AS Journal, way to my first five years in the sector gastronomic communication, with a special eye on the use of social networks and gourmet restaurants. Rock & Goal as a lifestyle.


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