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Google reserves in restaurants will expand to new channels


Reserve with Google, RWG or Google Reserves, is a tool provided by technological giant It enables consumers to book time at local businesses personalized. So far this possibility was exclusively for catering establishments and spas.

Google plans to expand the services can now book through Google Search, Google Maps or even by virtual assistant Google Assistant, so that in the near future can book seats on events and activities.

It is foreseeable that the strict requirements that were necessary to be a member of the program also relax. Previously enter Reserve with Google My Business, Enterprise section RWG, He was accompanied by the usual headaches, immediate effect of trying to wriggle through interdepartmental technology giant bureaucracy without perishing in the attempt.

The changes have been greeted with cheers by some and by others with concerns.In the case of catering business is bittersweet aftertaste. They are quick to critics who see appear as a more lax entry business involves Google Reserves have less visibility.

Of course, many other restaurateurs who had not yet had the opportunity to enter RWG look favorably on changes. For companies catering, the new openness policy is viewed favorably and is received with joy. It should be borne in mind that companies specializing in such services had no place because they did not meet two requirements must need: have a physical location and a locatable address in Google Maps.

The strategy adopted for the future of Google reserves passes to distance itself from services like Open Table O Yelp, competing directly with the subsidiary Alphabet and steal market share is already impossible to ignore.

By the time other initiatives dedicated to the sale of tickets and tickets for activities, concerts, festivals or performances are not completely obsolete. Managers Ticketmaster Y LiveNation They can breathe easily, Google does not plan to pounce on this scenario in the immediate future. Of course, It does not know what the future holds. Sometimes it resembles the digital corporation gives batacazos from side to side as he pleases.

You can not say the same of the websites of reviews for restaurants already insults. To move them from occupying leadership position in today's market, Google reserves is working closely with new partners, among which include the presence of TripAdvisor Experiences, Access, Rezdy, Musement, Checkfront, CourseHorse Y Fareharbor. Some known even outside US borders. UU., but all of them highly appreciated by users resident in the American country. Google reserves thus becomes a ally essential both to eat out to enjoy some activity after leaving the restaurant.

Jackie Xiang, one of the engineers software Company, directly involved in the development of RWG, He highlighted some of the capabilities of the tool update on your blog, exemplifying the case with tangible possibilities: "Next time you're looking for something fun to do, Google can help you attend surfing lessons with you always dreamed of visiting this magnificent museum or on which've been thinking, now you can reserve a place on the best attractions, activities and more, directly from Google Search, Assistant Maps or through Google Reservas. Casa Batllo, UNESCO World Heritage located in Barcelona, to urban kayaking in Chicago, reserve a place for an activity is easier than before '.

Although options have expanded to the consumer, the operation has not changed in the least. Internet users only have to move the mouse or slide your finger on the touch screen to navigate through the directory activities and premises available. To plan the activity and make a reservation just press a button, If there is room for one more you will be asked to confirm the Internet user data backup. Then it is prepaying and the transaction is completed until further notice, which usually comes as a reminder in the form of email or text message directly sent to the mailbox messaging mobile terminal.

Why this sudden interest in modernizing Reservations Google? As well, it turns out that in finding new products, Search engines are the undisputed kings. According Local Search Association, he 80% US citizens. THE. They prefer to rely on the results returned by your favorite search engine instead of the recommendations of friends, coworkers and family.

That is why for Google this change of mind in their approach to RWG has many sense.

According to Raj Nijjer this is "further proof that the investment Google My Business content generated by users (UGC) via Local Guides was intended to create a data base holistic opportunities and experiences that alimentasen local exploration through its ecosystem. Both traders and consumers, deliver results for events in Google when it comes to searches with high intentionality is something that does not need to think twice '.

Of course, the business situation has now worsened restoration they have to compete with many other alternatives in the vicinity. Nevertheless, while the requirements to appear on Google reserves have declined, not to register a profile on the system and maintaining a strong business presence in the same meaningless.

Thus, once announced changes are published and updated terms of use and conditions, It will be convenient to adapt and create a profile for our business.

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