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The online restaurant reservations soar in Spain during Easter holidays

  • Compared with the same period last year, the number of online bookings has grown more than 34% in all Spain
  • Vizcaya concentrates two of the three restaurants with the highest number of bookings for these dates. The rest of the reserved partition between Guipúzcoa, Segovia, Valencia, The Rioja, Baleares, Sevilla and Valencia
  • Reserves in coastal provinces such as Málaga, Las Palmas, Baleares, Valencia and Alicante have increased between 30% and a 40%

Easter is certainly one of the most anticipated by the Spaniards to rest and recuperate moments, a week in which millions of Spaniards take the opportunity to travel both outside and within Spain; and which are expected this year 15,5 millions journeys in national territory. A) Yes, plans like watching processions, go to the beach, the countryside or mountain, you can become the perfect opportunity to enjoy the cuisine in every corner of the country. For this reason, ElTenedor He has analyzed online reservations to date, comparing it, last year, They have risen up 34,3% for the period from Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday.

Most reserved restaurants, well distributed throughout the country
One of the main features of Holy Week is a mobilization that affects the whole country, whether in rural areas, urban or beach; a detail that can be seen in the Spanish restaurants with more reserves during this period. In this sense, the Basque Country is especially relevant, as three restaurants in the Top 10, It is the community with the largest presence among the most reserved. Specific, Asador Guetaria Y Premierk Bilbao, both in Vizcaya, They are the first and the third largest number of restaurant bookings Spain; Y Factory, in the heart of San Sebastian, It is placed in 9th place. The podium is completed by the segoviano Convent of the Minimum, which it occupies 2nd place.

Other restaurants present among the most reserved of Spain son Dibocca Valencia (4º), in Valencia; the Chula, in La Rioja (5º); Can Brondo Y Arum (6º y 8º), both in Baleares; Casa Manolo León (7º), In sevilla; Y Terreta Gastrobar (10º), in Alicante.

On the other hand, although sometimes the weather is often not always accompany these dates, cities and coastal regions often they have special relevance for many Spanish, as some provinces such as Málaga, Las Palmas, Baleares, Valencia and Alicante, They have seen an increase between 30% and the 40% about Easter 2018.

Regarding the days with most bookings, It is Saturday which monopolizes most of them, with a 18,3%; followed by Good Friday, with a 17,2%; Holy Thursday, with the 15,3%. By last, both Palm Sunday as Easter concentrated near the 11,5% reserves.

By last, According to the annual survey on Travel Trends for Easter from TripAdvisor, about budget intended for food, a 68% Spanish will dedicate between 20 Y 60% of their savings on visiting restaurants, while 2 each 10 only spend between 10 Y 20% your budget. On reservations, about half of Spaniards decided the restaurant on the fly (42%), while a 26% will be reserved as reach the destination.

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